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This award-winning interactive website shows the history of any home that has a historic plaque in Elgin. The Heritage Plaque Program administered by the City of Elgin’s Heritage Commission recognizes the historical and architectural value properties bring to our community. There are also walking tours through historic neighborhoods and many landmarks. Discover a new appreciation for your very own neighborhood!

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The Elgin Heritage Commission

The Elgin Heritage Commission is a citizen’s advisory body that promotes Elgin’s historic preservation activity through the protection, maintenance, preservation and education of the city’s architectural, historic, and cultural resources.¬†Elgin’s plaque program has been a popular program since 1986 for it identifies and promotes awareness and appreciation of those buildings in Elgin which have historical and/or architectural value. historicelgin.com allows for the history and research behind those plaques to be accessible to everyone. Elgin is proud of its heritage and welcomes you to explore our City’s historic treasures!

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Joining the Gifford Park Association is free and open to anyone who appreciates historic preservation!