November 2018 Minutes

Gifford Park Assoc. General Membership Meeting
Elgin History Museum

November 15, 2018


Jim Barry, Paul Bednar, Caryl Clement, Joanne Clement, Barbara Evans, Paul & Susan Kuester, Dan & Pat Miller, Mark Preradovic, EPD Officer Ramirez, Trish LeFleur

R.O.P.E. REPORT (Officer Ramirez 847-289-2700)

Call for service since last meeting: 267 total calls to dispatch for an officer, 34 traffic stops.

  • There was one burglary of a motor vehicle in the 100 Block of North Channing, stolen were an IPAD (valued at $900) and 2 pair of sunglasses (valued at $800). This kind of burglary is difficult to track, Officer Ramirez reminds everyone to be sure to log/record serial numbers of all your electronics.  He also stated all Pawn Shops are required to report electronics ID’s to “Leeds on Line”.
  • On November 10th there was a stolen vehicle in the 400 block of DuPage. The keys had been left in the ignition.  There were $7000.00 worth of instruments in the minivan.    The vehicle was recovered at Channing Elementary with all items intact.  Officer Ramirez reminded everyone it is against state law to leave a motor vehicle running and unattended unless you have an automatic start.
  • Also on November 10th at approximately 3 AM, a call was received regarding shots fired at the intersection of Gifford and Addison.  Police talked to witnesses, found some graffiti. On November 12th known gang member living in a rental property at intersection of Gifford and Addison contacted the police regarding his home being shot up.  Police did recover some casings.  Working with landlord to evict gang member.

Community events sponsored by the Elgin Police Department:

  • Winter open house on December 1st from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. In attendance will be the Citizens police academy alumni, Explorers, SWAT, Santa on the phone.  Tours will be available
  • Chief Meeting will be December 3rd starting at 6:00 PM at the Elgin Police Departmen

All upcoming events are also posted on the EPD’s Facebook page as well as on its website.


Secretary’s report for October minutes was approved.

Pat Miller’s treasurer’s report of $———. Of that, $—— is in checking, the rest in four CDs.   Prior to approval there was explanation regarding the changing banks to First Federal Savings, 325 S Randall Road. This change was approved by the GPA officers.  GPA has been a long time customers of PNC, but recently their policies have created service charges etc. to our account.  We do currently have some CD’s at First Federal.   Thank you to Pat for catching the charges and doing a lot of inquiring to find a bank that is willing to work with us.

HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMITTEE (Paul Bednar [email protected])

GPA’s Fall Fest – was a success!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Thank you to Donna Lutz/O’Connor Funeral Home for donating the pumpkins, both for decorating and the plastic ones, also for securing the bales of hay.

Mums were planted on many street corners.

Channing Street square (former site of YMCA) – Paul stated soil borings have been done in hopes of marketing the land to a developer, however the soil is not acceptable for building at this time.  City staff seem more willing to consider change in the zoning of the parcel now.  They seem to be open to a community garden.  We need to pursue as a group with our plans for the parcel. Suspect city will listen to our plan but will not have money to build a park.  Paul suggested there may be grants available to help fund the building of a community garden and park.  Watch for email regarding a planning meeting in early January for anyone interested.

Christmas Decorations for Historic District Signs – Motion to have Paul purchase natural garland/wreaths for decorating the signs (approximately 25), also sign on wall at Chicago and Liberty as well as the Pocket Park.  Anyone interested in helping please contact Paul.


Spread the word that there is no charge for membership in GPA and that one does not have to live in the Elgin Historic District to belong.

ELGIN HISTORIC HOUSE TOUR (Mike Haskins  630-880-7276)

Wrap up meeting was held on November 1st.  Another successful house tour.  Planning for 2019 House Tour will begin with steering meeting on Monday January 14th at 7:00 PM at the Historical Society Museum.

Slate of Officers for 2019

Dan Miller – President

Bill Briska – Vice President

Susan Kuester – Secretary

Pat Miller – Treasurer

At Large I – Tom Lee

At Large II – Barbara Evans


Possible Salvage – First United Methodist Church in West Dundee on Main Street has been working with the city for the past ten years to obtain approval to tear down a home that is next door to the church for additional parking.  Home and church are both in the Dundee Historical District.  Dan is hoping the church will allow Gifford Park to assist with a salvage of the home.

Other Concerns:


Following the death of founding member Chuck Behrens, Barb proposed we establish a scholarship utilizing the donations received in memorial of Chuck.  She is suggesting the scholarship be $500, awarded to a senior in high school, who resides in Elgin.  Discussion regarding naming the scholarship the Gifford Park Association Community Service Memorial Scholarship, criteria for consideration.  Anyone interested in helping with this project contact Barb at [email protected]

City Budget Proposal

Dan reviewed the 250 page budget proposal and brought along some “tidbits”, to share:

  • $2.3 million to improve the Dundee/Summit intersection, with construction scheduled for 2020. Plan is to widen lanes, create turn lanes, straighten Summit and Gifford will become a cul-de-sac.
  • Chicago Street reconstruction to start in Spring of 2019, city has budgeted $1.6 million. A Lead Ordinance was created to address the issue with lead service, which had stalled construction.
  • $150,000 to rehab alleys in the city
  • Establish two public works superintendents: Greg Hulke in charge of land management and Aaron Neal in charge of streets.
  • In the TIF district of the city there is allocations for deconversion grants $100,000/year, Architectural Rehab Grants $100,000/year and money to DNA of $135,000 – no city wide deconversion grants for Architectural Rehab Grants
  • City of Bartlett will no longer be purchasing water from city of Elgin after May 2019, we could all experience an increase in our water rates as a result.
  • City of Elgin gets 5% of riverboat revenue plus $1.00/person. The city receives one million dollars for rent of the land at the riverboat.
  • Video gaming revenue to the city is $325,000.
  • Lowest crime rate in 45 years
  • Expect a 3% increase in refuse disposal from Waste Management
  • Finish the reconstruction of planter boxes downtown – $200,000.
  • Allocation of $300,000 for tree replacement, an opportunity for GPA to identify and suggest trees for the Historic District
  • All city owned street lights will be changed over to LED lights. $400,000 annual electric savings.

Thank you to Pat Miller for the chocolate chip cookies

Respectfully submitted

Susan Kuester