July 2018 Minutes


Thurs., July 19, 2018

Elgin History Museum



Wed., Aug. 1: House Walk Steering Committee Meeting, 7 pm at Elgin History Museum

Tues., Aug. 7: National Night Out, 6-8 pm at Gifford Park

Sat., Sept. 8: Deadline for Cobblestone Reflections’ art work. (See #2 under Other Business)

Sat. & Sun., Sept. 8 & 9: Elgin Historic House Tour, registration at the old Sherman Hospital

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Jim Berry, Barbara Evans, Moe & Tom Lee, Dan & Pat Miller, Mark & Glenna Preradovic, Warren Tejes and Officer Ramirez


R.O.P.E. REPORT   (Officer Ramirez   847.289.2700)

Once again we are reminded not to leave our cars unlocked (and with windows down) or to leave a vehicle running while we run quickly into the house. (The stolen car was recovered and the young men apprehended.)

The incident in which a woman on S. Gifford St. was attacked and robbed late at night was a bit unusual in that she was from out of town and, after neighbors called the police, was uncooperative.

In comparison to the 17 calls about fireworks in our area last year, this year the EPD received only six. Were people just not calling them in or did the robo call from the EPD about enforcement work?

The EPD will provide burgers, etc. for the National Night Out to be held in Gifford Park on Aug. 7. Come one, come all from 6 to 8 pm and meet your neighbors.

By the time you’re reading these minutes, the EPD will also have hosted a Teams vs. SWAT, 10 physical fitness challenges at the Elgin Sports Complex as well as Cone with a Cop at the MacDonald’s on N. McLean, courtesy of owner Jerry Baer.


SECRETARY’S & TREASURER’S REPORTS   (Barbara Evans & Pat Miller)

The minutes of the June membership meeting were unanimously approved, as was the treasurer’s report of a balance of $108,802.15, of which $27,256.73 is in checking and the rest in four CDs.


HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMITTEE REPORT(Dan Miller reporting for Paul Bednar)

After a discussion which included how difficult it now is to get volunteers for unveilings (only 9 worked at GPA’s last one), we concluded that while we could offer a grant to a Porter St. resident who wants to remove siding, we could not promise to supply the workers. Only if Paul can get a commitment from a substantial number of people beforehand will we do an unveiling. Pat Miller, seconded a motion by Glenna Preradovic, to move that we give the person who’d asked for our help a $1,000 Gifford Park Association Grant. The motion passed unanimously.

In spite of the fact that GPA wasn’t inundated with volunteers for this year’s Neighborhood Works Day that focused on the Elgin Historic District, Dan Miller reminded us of all that a great deal was accomplished by those who did volunteer. (See the June minutes for specifics.)

Kudos to the Symonds-Madison Funeral Home at the corner of Park and E. Dundee. Its new fences that replace the old chain link ones give a definite lift to the neighborhood.

Dan will be meeting Mon., July 23, with the City to urge it to commit part of the $1.5 million it has available through TIF to the David C. Cook mansion property to give further encouragement to the 110 who have requested its feasibility study. To qualify for the TIF funds, the property has to be income-generating, which was why the Tower Building received them and why, the Cook mansion could, if it was, for example, to become a B & B. For an up-to-date account of this GPA project, see the Herald article by clicking here.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT   (Moe Lee   708.828.9706)

Though we haven’t gained any new members since June, please remind your friends that membership in the GPA is free and that the more we have, the merrier we are.



     The drawing for three pairs of house tour tickets will be held Aug. 12. If you haven’t yet registered to be eligible, click here to do so. At this site you can also get information about ticket sales and the seven houses that will be on tour September 8-9.

Calls for docents will soon begin. If you cannot work this year, it is important to respond with your regrets so that the callers (Dan Miller, Barbara Evans, Jeanette Mihalec and Liz Marston) don’t have to keep trying to contact you.



  1. John LaFleur requested a donation for the Flying Creatures Art Project, which would offer small children through college-aged students the chance to work with professional artist Erin Cramer to create an array of kinetic street sculptures at no cost. The creatures will first be displayed at the Elgin Fringe Festival and then may go on to Chicago. The Elgin Cultural Arts Commission has given the project a $1,500 grant, but still more is needed. After discussion, Glenna Preradovic moved that GPA donate $350 to the project. Seconded by Moe Lee, it was unanimously approved.


  1. Karen Bach noted that the Elgin History Museum is looking for interested area artists to participate in Cobblestone Reflections, a juried art exhibit of original works that use the Nancy Kimball Home as a focal point and reflect what things the house may have seen at any time since it was built in 1846. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, Sept. 8. The pieces will be exhibited and offered for sale at the end of October to benefit the EHM. For more information, call 847-742-4248 between 11-4 on Wed. through Sat.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Evans, Secretary