May 2016 Minutes


Thursday, April 19, 2016

Historical Society Museum



Sat. & Sun., Sept. 10 & 11:  35th Historic Elgin House Tour featuring the Elgin Historic District

June 16th – Regular membership meeting, 7:00 pm at the Historical Society museum

June 30th – Housewalk Committee meeting. 7:00 pm at the Historical Society museum.



Dave and Violy Rothbard, Chris and Karen Bach, Mark and Glenna Preradovic, John and Sydney Boline, Bill Briska,  Paul and Sue Kuester,  Tom & Moe Lee, Dan & Pat Miller,  Officers Echevaria, Engelke, Ramirez and Fuller


Officer Ramirez announced that he will be our new ROPE officer starting May 29th.  He will be living at 326 E Chicago and promised to work at maintaining the landscaping.  He added that he plans to lobby the city to do a better job of maintaining the home.  He feels it needs to be a model for the rest of the neighborhood.  The city has been working on the interior of the house including the gutting of a bathroom.  Officer Echevaria added that gutting a room should not be mentioned in front of Dan Miller.

Tom Lee suggested that the city enforce the odd/even parking restrictions on North and College on the weekend.  It was noted that some exceptions are made for the churches on Sunday.  Pat Miller added that with parking on both sides of streets near churches causes congestion as there is only room for a single lane of traffic.  Officer Ramirez promised to talk to the congregations.

Paul Kuester added that it is not just churches that are the problem.  Better enforcement has to be done in the entire district.

Secretary’s Report

Tom Lee moved and Moe Lee seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the March 17th meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.


Treasure’s report

Pat Miller reported that we have four CD’s totaling $81,321.98 and a checking account balance of$18,297.44 for a total of $99,619.42.

Pat informed the group of our recent expenditures including several for our web site.  She passed around a summary of those expenses. Dan thanked her for her diligence in straightening things out.  She also reported that we just spent $1400 for our liability insurance and joined DNA for $100. 


 Historic District (Paul Bednar [email protected])

Pat Miller reported that 14 months ago we started the process of updating the hard copy of our walking tour of the Historic district and creating a phone app for it.  We just got the hard copies from the printer and each attendee received one.  The phone app was to include drone footage, Housewalk homes and interviews.  We applied for and were awarded a grant from the city to pay for a portion of both.  Pat added that the app is not happening which is unfortunate.  Pat passed around an e-mail from Milan Shah, the person that was hired to do the app.  He has promised to refund our money.  

  1. Housewalk (Pat Miller [email protected])

A huge thanks was given to Bill Briska and Elizabeth Carrel for the wonderful article they wrote for the BRAVO magazine. Some very nice pictures of the homes to be featured on the housewalk were included.  Another thanks was given to Trish LaFluer for the amazing save the date postcards she created for the walk.

Pat Miller informed the group that the eighteen member House Tour Committee has been meeting regularly and that all of the key committee heads have been filled. This year the House Tour will be a two day event on Sept. 10th and 11th.  The featured neighborhood will be the Elgin Historic District.  Pat informed the group that she is in need of some volunteers to hand out postcards during the 4th of July Parade.  Bill Briska will be driving an antique car donated by Steve Thoren and people are to follow along to hand out postcards.  Paul Bednar has suggested that we make a sticker for the postcard giving directions on how to enter a drawing for free tickets to the walk.  This would be an excellent opportunity to get more names for our mailing list.  In August we need volunteers to distribute posters and postcards.  Pat added that we are updating the housewalk insert from our 30th to be used for out 35th.  We plan to hand deliver a housewalk Gazette to the neighborhood so we will need paperboys in August.  Dan reminded the group that we used to quarterly hand deliver our Gazettes to 1100 households.

Persons interested in helping with the 4th of July parade, poster/postcard distribution, and/or being a paperboy please contact Pat Miller at 847-697-3370.

Sue Kuester reported that she and Barbara Evans manned a booth at the recent Vounteerpaloza.  She felt it was very productive as we go about twenty people wanting to volunteer as docents and a huge list of people that entered a contest to get free tickets. All of those names have been entered into our mailing list and one person won a pair of tickets.

Sue felt that it was great to be there because the attendees are there specifically because they want to volunteer for something.    Pat passed around pictures of the seven houses that are going to be featured on this year’s Historic Elgin House Tour.  Click here

to view a slide show.

Tom Lee reported that he, Bill and a rep from the Boy Scouts met to discuss the location of the food court.  They chose Hill Street between north and Park. Only three houses there have driveways.   Tom suggested that we might consider giving affected homeowners  tickets to the walk.  The food court will be offered on both days of the walk.

  1. Membership (Moe Lee [email protected])

Moe Lee reported that we currently have 166 individual members of the Gifford Park Association which includes 112 households.  Moe added that there were about 50 people attending the pot luck.  Dan heaped praise on her for a wonderful event.


A “Before and After” slide show presented by Dan Miller provided entertainment and information for the evening.  If you have not seen it yet go here.



Glenna reminded the group that GPA is again manning a water station for the Fox Trot.

Glenna moved and Karen seconded a motion to adjourn.  The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Miller