May 2014

Gifford Park Association General Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Historical Society Museum


In Attendance Erin Adams, John Boline, Barbara Evans, Tom Hokenson, Tom & Moe Lee, Dan & Pat Miller, Greg Miller, Mark Preradovic, Doug Tomsha, ROPE Officer Robert Engelke


ROPE Officer Report

Although there have been “a couple of” burglaries in the area, no mention of them appeared in the local paper because the media, not the City, decides which crimes to report. Anyone can, however, go to to see the service calls made to EPD on a given day. If interested in a specific property, just type in that address.

EPD’s eight ROPE officers have been given the responsibility of monitoring convicted sex offenders. The City is considering purchasing the program Offender Watch for a one-time fee of $500 so that residents can also access information and track offenders wherever they go.



Approval of Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

The minutes of GPA’s March 20th meeting were unanimously approved, as was the treasurer’s report. No minutes were taken at the April potluck.

As of May 2014, GPA’s funds total $96,079.09, $5,289.28 of which is in checking, $9,920.44 in savings and $80,869.40 in four CDs. 


Historic District Committee (Dan Miller)

Thanks to the work of Trish LaFleur and Bill Briska, we were shown the final draft of the sign for Barklay Park. Its final price is $1,500.

The new Historic District signs are also ready to be assembled, something Dan has asked a few to help do.

Moe Lee did not show a mock-up of photos for the marketing brochure she has been working on as they were not high resolution and needed to be redone.

Mark Preradovic announced that once again GPA members would be assisting at Fox Trot in order for the association to earn a one-time use of Lords Park Pavilion without charge.


Membership Committee  (Dorie Alpha)

Dan Miller gave a belated thank you to Dorie, Moe and Glenna for putting the April potluck together.

The emailing Dan sent out to inquire why people thought the potluck was not well attended yielded 10 varied responses, ones that merit some consideration.

Emails and letters are being sent out to urge people to renew their memberships in GPA. If you haven’t yet done so, please do.


Housewalk Committee  (Bill Briska)

Every year The Daily Herald does a spread on Elgin. This year’s will be published on May 28. (And the secretary apologies for not getting the minutes out in time to alert you to this.)


Miscellaneous Items

Dan Miller has moonflower seeds to give away. Call him if interested.


The movement to adjourn was seconded and passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Evans, Secretary