September 2013

Gifford Park Association
General Membership meeting
September 19, 2013

Those in attendance
Dorie Alpha, Karen and Chris Bach, Dan and Pat Miller, Mark Preradovic
The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by President Bach.
The minutes of the July meeting could not be approved as there was no a quorum in attendance.

Treasurer’s report
Checking Account: $10,568.72
Money Market Account: $9,919.67
CD’s: S80,725.78

Membership Committee
Dorie Alpha reminded the group that she is giving out welcome buckets to new neighbors. If you know of any, please let her know at [email protected]

Historic District Committee
Dan Miller reported that with Tom Hokenson’s help a Housewalk Gazette was sent out. If you did not see it, you will want to by going here: It was sent to 342 people on our mailing list. After just five hours 77 had opened it. 142 people ended up opening it with 20 clicking on one of the links it contained to find out more. Most were looking at the houses for sale in the neighborhood. Dan added that he has read that 142/342 or 42% is good for a newsletter today.

Dan reported that the Historic District sign saga is about to come to an end. As has been reported in the past, a sign designed by Tony Sanchez was selected . The sign company made a mock up for our approval. It was not approved and they sent us a second after a couple of months. It was not approved so the sign company sent a representative to chat with us. A conclusion was drawn and after a considerable amount of time they sent us a third mockup. It was okayed with the order to be submitted soon. Secretaries addition: In getting the okay on the specifics of our order the city sign shop informed us that, “With time running short in 2013, this project will be moved into 2014. Depending on resources and work set forth during 2013 year end planning for 2014, we will schedule this in. I would ask that as the materials arrive, members from GPA set aside time to assemble the signs. Current resource levels and maintenance commitments limit our full involvement in this project. We will still hold up our end of the deal and complete the installations when the time arises. “

Chris Bach asked if the sign will have holes in them for bolts. He was concerned that the holes would detract from the looks of the sign if they interrupt the pattern. Dan added that we direct the sign company where to put the holes. Secretary’s addition: We will request that the bolt heads be painted to match the sign. Hopefully they can comply.

Housewalk Committee
There were 1329 tickets redeemed including the complimentary ones. We did have some good news and some bad news. For only the second time in 32 years, we ran out of booklets. Those that did not get a book (38 people) were mailed a copy to. Secretary’s addition: A Housewalk wrap up meeting was held on September 23rd and was attended by twelve people. Lots of discussion was held taking over two hours. At John LaFleur’s urging, next year’s date has been set for September 6, 2014. A Housewalk steering committee meeting has also been set for November 11 at the Historical Society museum on Park St. If you want to take part in the planning for next year please attend.

Other Business
Karen gave an update on the Tree For All program. Recall that GPA donated money so the Summit/Park neighborhood could participate. Mark Billing informed her that the Forestry Dept. did not want to plant any this fall as better prices can be had in the spring. A compromise has been struck and a few will be planted this fall.

Karen reminded the group that GPA has offered to pay half of the cost to have a house plaque researched and installed in an amount up to $75.

Pat Miller suggested that we have some type of outreach to people in the neighborhood that live in significant houses without plaques.

Nominating Committee for upcoming GPA officer elections

Karen reminded the group that elections are coming up for officers of the GPA board. Being the At Large II board member, Moe Lee is to head a committee to put together a slate of officers to be voted on at the November meeting. If you have any suggestions or would like to be a board member, please contact Moe at [email protected]

Mark Preradovic reminded the group of the Cemetery walk on September 22nd.
Secretary’s addition: Thank goodness we will be getting a new secretary so the minutes are put out in a timely manner.