March 2013

Gifford Park Association
General Membership Meeting
March 21, 2013

In Attendance
Doug Tomsha, Pat and Dan Miller, Karen Bach, Mark Preradovic, Dorie Alpha, Officers Echevarria and Pavoris, Tom Hokenson, Carol Anderson, Donna Leetz, Judy Dunne, Tom and Moe Lee

The meeting was called to order by President Bach at 7:05.

Secretaries Report
Donna Leetz moved and Dorie Alpha seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the February 21st meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Checking $6,448.52
Money market $9,917.93
Four CDs $80,577.84
Total $96,944.29

ROPE officer report
Officer Echevarria reported that the police dept. has been very busy getting things done. We are lucky that there is very little action happening in our neighborhood. There are little pockets of problems only and we want to keep it that way. Eric announced that the Citizen’s Police Academy is scheduled to be held every Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm from April 3rd to May 29th. To get an application, stop by the Community Relations/Crime Prevention Division at the Elgin Police Department or go to You can also contact Christy Schmidt at 847-289-2588 for more info.
Eric also handed out a flier describing how citizens can get access to information about crimes reported in the City of Elgin and even more importantly, in your neighborhood. You can access the information by going to

Eric passed around another info sheet on the new Police Departments initiative entitled, “If you like it, Lock it. “ Their goal is to significantly decrease burglary to motor vehicles. They want us to keep these tips in mind:

Lock your vehicle
Do not hide a spare key in or on your car – thieves know where to look
Do not leave valuables inside your vehicle
Park your car in the garage
Turn on your outside lights at night
Set any alarm your vehicle is equipped with
Report suspicious activity
Consider registering your valuables
Make a police report if your car is burglarized. You can file a police report on-line at htt://

Membership Report
Dorie reported that the Membership Plot Luck has been scheduled for April 19th at 6:30 at the Lord’s Park Pavilion. George Rowe will give a presentation on the Historical Society’s windmill project. Member Doug Tomsha has been helping to paint the windmill.

Historic District Committee
Dan Miller reported that committee members had concerns with the mock up of the Historic District sign that was sent to us as the reflectivity distracted from the overall look of the sign. Since it is not regulatory, the city did inform us that it is not necessary for it to be reflective. The sign company sent us another mock up with only the words being reflective. Members liked that one better although the colors were changed. Dan will look into it and order the signs shortly.

Housewalk Committee
The committee is off to a great start. Several people have stepped up to take on responsibilities. The next meeting of the Housewalk planning committee is April 1st at 7:00 pm at the Historical Museum. The final selection of houses will be made. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Candidates Forum
Karen thanked Mark Preradovic, Carol Anderson, Deborah Allan for their efforts at making the Candidates Forum a huge success. Karen acted as co-moderator with Crysta. A special thanks went to Crysta Anderson of SWAN for inviting us to participate. Attending members added that the spaghetti dinner was great.

The General election is April 9.

St. Mary’s school
Karen reported that she is looking in getting the flying saucer street lights in front of St. Mary’s church changed to match our historic street lights. Karen has been in contact with the city who feels that the current lights are not on the parkway so they are St. Mary’s responsibility, not the city’s. The lights are $2700 each. Pat reminded the group that she recalled that St. Mary’s did not want them at the time they were installed. She feels we should go to Geneva to look at the Platte of survey to determine where the private property line is.

Karen informed the group that the Art for All project this year is alligator-themed benches. They will go on display before being auctioned off. Smaller alligator statues will also be available to decorate and keep.

Guest Speaker
Rob McGarvie of Thrivnet for Lutherans gave a presentation on his group’s activities. They are a Faith Based not-for-profit membership organization approximately 2.5 million members strong. For more than a century, the organization’s blend of financial expertise, shared values and service to members and their communities has set it apart.

His program, My Legacy Matters, is designed to open the door to helping you live and plan a meaningful financial legacy. It is intended to educate you about financial decisions. They do things like educate people on how to keep a property in the family, how to do charitable gifting and help plan where your assets go. Anybody can use their services and they do not charge for them. Thrivnet has 2.5 million members and a year ago they gave 237 million dollars back to organizations.

Donna Leetz moved and Mark Preradovic seconded a motion to adjourn and it passed unanimously.