April 2013

Gifford Park Association
Board Meeting
April 8, 2013

Board members in attendance
Karen Bach, Dan Miller, Donna Leetz, Bill Briska, Ali Hallock, Dorie Alpha, Moe Lee
Visitor: Pat Miller

President Bach called the meeting to order at 7:05.

Much discussion ensued with several people nominated to be given awards at the Pot Luck on April 19.

Corner and Pocket Park Maintenance
Pat Miller and Bill Briska suggested that owners adjacent to the planted corners be surveyed to determine if they would be interested in maintaining the planted corner. We are currently spending about $30 per corner to maintain it. Perhaps if the homeowner is not interested in maintaining the corner then perhaps they would be interested in partnering with GPA to maintain the corner by helping to pay for it.

Bill reminded the group that we started paying for the upkeep of the corners and Pocket park in 2007.

A map created by Tony Sanchez of the locations of the plantings was passed out along with Bill Witte’s proposal for maintenance. Pat Miller agreed to survey the corners to see which ones are good enough to keep up. She will also talk to people to determine if they are interested in doing the upkeep. She feels if no one is interested in doing the work then we should sod over the corner. Some of the corner plantings are barely alive and full of weeds. Bill suggested that we defer a decision on the maintenance of the corners until Pat has a chance to do her survey. Tony Sanchez has volunteered to be the point guy regarding the corners.

Bill added that we need to make a decision on whether or not we want to continue to pay to maintain the pocket park. Karen added that the Crisis Center board has tabled the concept of their taking over control of the park. She will ask the city again if they are willing to take ownership of it. Dorie added that we need to maintain the fence and benches – they need painting. Bill Witte has given us a bid for the work. Dan made a motion to pay Bill Witte to paint the fence and benches. Dorie Alpha seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Moe Lee pointed out that attracting new members to our group is important. Donna added that we need to drive new membership. We need a new group to take charge of the group.

Housewalk after party
Bill and Karen informed the group that the Artspace Lofts has a nice space that it rents for $30 per hour. Sixty chairs and ten tables are available and it has a kitchenette. It will be considered for the Housewalk after party.