October 2012 Board Minutes

 October 1, 2012
IN ATTENDANCE:  President Karen Bach, Dorie Alpha, Carol Anderson, Bill Briska, Fran Cella, Barbara Evans, Donna Leetz, Dan Miller, Pat Miller
OCT. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  6:30 p.m. on the 18th
As GPA is participating in the 7 p.m. preservation forum at the Historical Museum on the same night, we will meet prior to the forum, primarily to present the slate of officers to be elected in November and take any nominations from the floor.   
Tony Sanchez’s final sign was passed around and admired by all.  He is meeting with the sign company to make certain that the original quote given for the cost of the signs still stands.  So that GPA does not lose City funds set aside for this project, the signs must be done this calendar year.
Garlanding around the lamp posts in the Elgin Historic District will be put up the last week of November.  The possibility of asking the Boy Scouts to put them up and give them a donation for doing so was discussed.  Further details will be forthcoming.
That GPA’s pocket park at the corner of Geneva and E. Chicago Streets is a litter magnet prompted a discussion of what to do about it.  Rather than continuing to try to maintain it at a cost of $1,000 per year, Karen Bach will contact the Crisis Center to see if they would welcome it as a gift (and possible garden site) from GPA.
GPA welcomes two new members: Steve Thoren and Maureen McWaid.
At the general membership meeting in November, Karen Schock will be speaking about a group of Elgin parents’ efforts to bring a charter school to Elgin.
Aware that without programs, meetings are unlikely to be well attended, suggestions were made for future ones, among them informational programs about the Food Co-op that some Elginites are pursuing and Elgin Food Pantries/Soup Kitchens.
GPA E-Mails
Thanks to a suggestion from Carol Anderson and a few minutes of tinkering by Bill Briska, our organization finally has a separate email address for its official business!  
Unfortunately, GPA is not sponsoring a Turkey Trot this year.  As it was an opportunity for people to donate canned goods, a discussion about whether we should sponsor a canned food drive ensued.  When Bill Briska noted food pantries were well stocked and, surprisingly, feeding fewer people, the need to have such a drive seemed less urgent.  No further action was taken on this.
The possibility of being one of Villa Verone’s Thursday night featured non-profits as an opportunity to donate to GPA has been discussed via email.  In general, the Board agrees that unless it is for a specific project, such as signage, we should not pursue this avenue of fund-raising.  And when/if we would, it should not be done in the months before/after the house tour.
A discussion of why the wassailing party had to be canceled last year led the “old timers” on the Board to wax nostalgic about the well-attended GPA-sponsored holiday parties of yore.  That Santa always dropped in to distribute goodies to the children was a special draw.  Because we again have a number of families with younger children, the Board decided that such a party should be scheduled for December.  Karen Bach is going to ask Glenna Preradovic, whose friend played Santa for us, if she would chair a committee to make this party happen.  
Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Evans, Secretary