January 2012 Board Minutes

IN ATTENDANCE: Dorie Alpha, Carol Anderson, Karen Bach, Bill Briska, Fran Cella, Barbara Evans, Donna Leetz, Dan Miller, Pat Miller

NEXT BOARD MEETING: 7 p.m., February 13, 2012, at Old Main

The January 16th meeting of the GPA board was called to order by President Karen Bach at 7:00 p.m.


Bill Briska handed out a statement of GPA’s bank account balance to date, which should be corrected to read $101.827.45, ten more cents than he reported. Of this, $80.330.42 is distributed among four CDs.

However, “while we have a lot of money, we don’t make a lot,” said Bill in preface to his presentation of GPA’s 2011 cash flow report. In fact, he explained, over the past few years GPA has been spending more than it has made: in 2011, $3,866.98 to be precise. This trend he attributes to rising costs and declining House Tour revenues. Bill also presented GPA’s general operating expenses for 2011 by category.

Bill is working on a preliminary budget for 2012, which he will present for discussion at the February board meeting.

Clarification from the by-laws: The Board and standing committees can spend without getting approval from the membership unless the expenditure has not been specified in the budget.