April 2012 Board Minutes

April 2, 2012
IN ATTENDANCE:  President Karen Bach, Dorie Alpha, Carol Anderson, Bill Briska, Fran Cella, Barbara Evans, John LaFleur, Donna Leetz, Dan Miller, Pat Miller, Tony Sanchez
The 2012 recipient of the Chuck and Audrey Behrens’ Award for long-standing, exemplary contributions to GPA was a unanimous choice, one that will not be announced until the potluck.  Dan will get both the plaque that goes to the person and the name plate for the plaque that remains with GPA engraved.
Also to be a surprise are the recipients of five other awards, including the Golden Pro and Take the Ball and Run with It.  Donna, who is awash in frames, will donate as many as are needed for the certificates for these honorees.  Karen will prepare the certificates.
E-vites have been sent out for this annual event.
Dorie asked Dan and Bill to get her an inventory of the items she’d need for the potluck that are in storage so that she knows if she needs to purchase such things as silverware and plates.
Pat will again be the coffee maker for the evening.
Thanks to Karen/Chris Bach, Barbara, Donna, Pat, Deborah Allan and Glenna Preradovic, on March 24th, 31 people savored a breakfast of egg casseroles, a delectable medley of fruit, bagels, home-made blueberry muffins, an assortment of candies, juice, coffee, and yes, even mimosas.   
Though Fran rued the fact that we’d run out of time for the discussion which was to have been the second step of the brainstorming process, that over 60 ideas were generated made the event a success in our eyes, as did the positive tone of the morning and the fact that many of the ideas are service-oriented and don’t involve major expenditures to carry out.  
Much of the Board meeting was spent trying to determine the best means for following-up on the many ideas advanced.  In the end we decided 1) that Fran would revise the list of ideas, consolidating some and 2) that in order to reach as many as possible, the list would be sent out via email as well as handed out at the April potluck and the May general membership meeting.  People will be asked to prioritize the items based on their interests.  They will also be asked which ones they would be willing to help carry out, for as Dan observed, unless people are interested in working on something, it won’t get done.  Subsequently, small group follow-up discussion meetings based on related items of interest will be held.  One such meeting will focus on ideas for working with schools and the formation of an Education Committee to be chaired by Barbara.
John will talk to the DNA about publicizing the House Walk when he meets to discuss the Nightmare Convention to be held around Halloween at the Haight Building.  Though this convention, as well as the two-day related event John and several friends are working on are not GPA-sponsored, John will let us know if there is a way that GPA can be involved in it. 
The motion that we adjourn, made by Fran and seconded by Tony, passed.  
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Evans, Secretary