November 2011

Gifford Park Association

General Membership Meeting

November 17, 2011

Those present: Officer Todd Pavoris, Officer Anna Lalley, Officer Eric Echevarria, Bill Briska, Dan and Pat Miller, Ali Hallock, Chris and Karen Bach, Carol Anderson, Dorie Alpha, Roy and Linda Voss, Tony Sanchez, Barb Counterman

ROPE Officer Update

Eric said that we have been fortunate as very little has been happening in our neighborhood. There was one burglary. He encouraged people to have some lights on at night. It is an inexpensive security measure. Let neighbors know if you are going to be gone. Dan Miller suggested that the police crack down on the people that are buying copper. If a thief cannot sell copper piping or downspouts, he will be less likely to steal it. Eric responded that the salvage yards are to get ID from people that bring things like that in. Dan Miller added that in our case being a nosy neighbor is a good thing.

Election of Officers

Karen passed out ballots. The proposed slate was approved unanimously. Karen offered her condolences to these people: