November 2011

Gifford Park Association

General Membership Meeting

November 17, 2011

Those present: Officer Todd Pavoris, Officer Anna Lalley, Officer Eric Echevarria, Bill Briska, Dan and Pat Miller, Ali Hallock, Chris and Karen Bach, Carol Anderson, Dorie Alpha, Roy and Linda Voss, Tony Sanchez, Barb Counterman

ROPE Officer Update

Eric said that we have been fortunate as very little has been happening in our neighborhood. There was one burglary. He encouraged people to have some lights on at night. It is an inexpensive security measure. Let neighbors know if you are going to be gone. Dan Miller suggested that the police crack down on the people that are buying copper. If a thief cannot sell copper piping or downspouts, he will be less likely to steal it. Eric responded that the salvage yards are to get ID from people that bring things like that in. Dan Miller added that in our case being a nosy neighbor is a good thing.

Election of Officers

Karen passed out ballots. The proposed slate was approved unanimously. Karen offered her condolences to these people:

KarenBach – President

Fran Cella – Vice President

Barbara Evans – Secretary

Carol Anderson – At large 1

Tony Sanchez – At large 2

Bill Briska – Treasurer


Dorie Alpha mentioned that we have two new members and that she was working on a new membership list.

Public Relations

Barb Counterman said that the Turkey Trot has gotten some nice press.

Program committee

No report

Historic District Committee

No report

Housewalk Committee

Bill Briska announced that we cannot finalize the income or expenses from the walk as all of the bills have not been paid and all of the sponsorship money is not in. A committee meeting has been scheduled for January to start making plans for next year. Contact Bill at 847-421-4022 if you are interested in helping.

Turkey Trot Update

Online registration is now extended to Tuesday, November 22 at As of yesterday evening, we had 46 registrants, which is on par with how many we had last year at this time, but a disappointing number nonetheless. We had around 15% of our participants register on the day of the race last year despite the bitter, wet cold; should this year’s unseasonable warm weather hold out, I expect to have a surge of race day registrations.

I took a tour of our race route through and around Lords Park on Monday, and everything looks in place at this point. We will be doing a final “walk through” to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” on Friday morning. Note that the final cost of the route will be $1600, which was “okayed” by Sgt. Tom Olson on October 12. And, I have been keeping our treasurer, Dan Miller, apprised of the incoming and outgoing costs associated with the event. The race route has been posted at for the past month and should prove to be quite scenic with the autumn leaf coverage.

E-mail notifications were sent to all race volunteers last Saturday, and a follow-up e-mail with specifics will be set out this Saturday.


Wassailing Saunter

Jeff Jacobson has offered to be in charge of this year’s get together on December 17. Contact him at 630-391-1236 if you would like to open your house.


Window Wonderland


Laura Jacobson has offered to take charge of the downtown window decorating this year. Carol Anderson added that they have been working on it all week. We have the same window as last year.


Decorating the light poles for Christmas


After little enthusiasm was shown for the project, Tony Sanchez commented, “ Let’s sit this one out this year.” No one volunteered to take on the project so it will not happen this year.


Karen announced that a young graduate student has contacted us about taking photos in the Historic District. Bill Briska offered to coordinate it.


Karen passed around a nice article from the paper regarding the GPA tree project.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved. Carol Anderson added that all of the money has not been spent so another mailing will be sent out looking for people that are interested in a tree. We will be planting approximately thirty-nine trees at a cost of $80 to $90 a tree. The city is putting $4000 in the project with GPA matching that.

Chris Bach made a motion to adjourn and Barb Counterman seconded the emotion. It passed unanimously at 7:30. Karen noted that that was a GPA record.