January 2011

Gifford Park Association

General Membership Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2011

355 E. Chicago, Room 239

Attending: David, Evan & Jennifer Williams, Dan & Pat Miller, Ali Hallock, Julie Schmitt, Chris & Karen Bach, Doug Tomsha, John & Carol Anderson, Fran Cella, Donna Leetz, Amanda Carlson, Jeff McIntyre, Barb Countermann, Tony Sanchez, ROPE officer Eric Echevarria

Guests: John Steffen, Elgin police officers Lalley and Pavoris


Meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m.


David’s Handouts and Announcements:

The city has issued a press release regarding Have a Heart Day, February 13, 2011.  Free skating at ice rink and dinner for a good cause. Check out the city’s website for more info.

The 2011 GPA Events calendar was also presented for review.

This month’s issue of The Journal of Light Construction magazine had an update report regarding lead-safe remodeling.  The article may be viewed here:

tinyurl.com/4lo3gkw [Note: this link is not longer valid.]


Secretary’s Report:

Motion to approve the minutes of November 18, 2010 by Donna Leetz, seconded by Carol Anderson. The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Dan Miller reported $51,158.56 in our checking account, $576.56 in our PayPal account, and $53,864.60 in our money market account. As discussed by the board at their recent meeting, Mr. Miller and BillBriska will look into transferring some of our checking funds into another money market or CD account.  They will report back to the general membership at the next meeting.


ROPE Officer’s Report:

ROPE officer Eric Echevarria introduced duty officers Lalley and Pavoris to take any questions or concerns we might have.  Eric also reported the following:

1. Community Restitution is now entering ALL graffiti incidents into crime reporting software. So while it may appear that there is a spike in this particular crime, in actuality it simply includes data that was not reported previously.

2. A new joint task force has been created called Neighborhood Enforcement Unit.  This involves officers from ROPE, Gang, Crime Free Housing, and Drug Unit.  Provides more interconnectivity and exchange of information.

3. You can go to www.crimereports.com to see reported crimes in your area.  Please note that information is entered as it is reported.  Later investigation could lessen or increase the actual level criminal activity.

4. Report on a couple of problems north of GPA boundaries

5. There is a kiosk in the police station that will let you take care of some reporting, FOIA’s, and traffic issues.

As always, if you ever have questions or concerns, you may contact Eric directly:

[email protected]

Or: (847) 354-3394



Approval of 2011 Standing Committee Chairpersons

The slate of appointees is as follows:

Historic District: Donna Leetz

Public relations: Barb Countermann

Programs: Fran Cella

Membership: Dorie Alpha

Housewalk: Continue to be a steering committee, please see Bill Briska or Carol Anderson if you are interested in helping out.

John Anderson made a motion to approve the appointees.  Carol Anderson seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Standing Committee Reports:



Chair Dorie Alpha not in attendance.



Chair Fran Cella reported that in the past GPA had many programs at and in between meetings.  She would like to return to that format and will have more info at the next meeting.


Historic District

Chair Donna Leetz reported she is working with Laura Jacobsen to get up to speed with ongoing projects.


Public Relations

Chair Barb Counterman had nothing to report.



Carol Anderson provided a handout, outlining ideas being considered for this year’s 30th anniversary Historic Elgin House Tour, which will take place in our neighborhood.


Thanks a Lot! Turkey Trot:

Amanda Carlson reported that the event was a success, and is developing plans (for later presentation) to continue the event this year.


2001 Budget:

David Williams presented the 2011 Budget for approval (attached).  Motion to approve by Fran Cella, seconded by Donna Leetz.  The motion carried.


Special Guest, John Steffen:

City Councilman John Steffen (currently running for reelection) spoke about various issues facing the city, and fielded questions from the membership.


Other Comments & Concerns:

Deborah Allen suggested that GPA consider volunteering its support for preservation efforts (as necessary) for the Bowes property.


Glenna Preradovic indicated that the Pocket Park is in need of some maintenance.


Thank you to Doug Tomsha, Sean Tomsha, Joe Weiss, Margaret Watts, and David Williams for putting up the holiday garments in December.


Thank you to Jay Kjellander, Mike Burns, Chuck Behrens, and David Williams for taking the garlands back down in January.


And last but not certainly not least, thank you to the Leetzes for continuing to volunteer storage for the garlands.


Motion to adjourn:

Moved by John Anderson, seconded by Donna Leetz.


The next general membership meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 355 E. Chicago, Room 239.


Recorded by Jennifer Williams, Secretary



2011 GPA Events Calendar

Date Event Location
January 20 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
February 17 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
March 17 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
April 15 Membership Potluck Lord’s Park Pavilion
April 23 Pocket Park Clean-up Chicago St. Pocket Park
April 24 Pocket Park Clean-up Chicago St. Pocket Park
May 14 Great Unveiling TBD
May 19 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
May 21 Plant Swap TBD
June 10 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
June 16 General Membership Meeting TBD
June 24 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
July 8 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
July 21 General Membership Meeting TBD
July 22 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
August 12 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
August 19 Housewalk Potluck Lord’s Park Pavilion
August 26 Porch Party Host Houses Needed!
September 10 Housewalk, Day 1 Elgin Historic District
September 11 Housewalk, Day 2 Elgin Historic District
September 15 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
October 20 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
November 17 General Membership Meeting 355 E. Chicago, Rm. 239
November 24 Thanksgiving Turkey Trot TBD
December 17 Holiday Wassailing Party Host Houses Needed!




Cash Flow Report 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010


2011 Proposed Budget

Section 1: Income

Uncategorized Income 205.52  
Checking Interest 196.13   200.00
Membership Income 252.00   300.00
Golf Classic NET profit – See Section 3 182.28  
Salvage NET profit – See Section 3 457.10  
Turkey Trot NET profit – See Section 3 501.62   500.00
Housewalk NET profit – See Section 3 8,764.39   7,000.00
  10,559.04   8,000.00
Section 2: Expenses      
Gazette 705.00   500.00
Historic District Committee 103.05   100.00
House Rehab Expense (?) 407.50  
Insurance 1,495.00   1,500.00
Office of the Secretary 97.11   100.00
Office of the President  
Office of the Treasurer 26.92  
Postage – other than Housewalk 241.00   250.00
Refreshments & Membership Potluck 512.14   500.00
Storage Locker Rental 816.00   850.00
Upkeep at Pocket Park & Corner Plantings 1,818.00   2,000.00
Website 495.35   500.00
Publicity &nbs