June 2010

Gifford Park Association

General Membership Meeting Minutes, June 17, 2010

Elgin Public House, 219 E. Chicago


Attending: Jeff & Laura Jacobson, Tony Sanchez, David & Jennifer Williams, Evan & Brenda Hennessey, Dan & Pat Miller, Alicia Lykins, Ali Hallock, Jay Kjellander, Amanda Carlson, Curt & Jo Coletti, Roy & Linda Voss, ROPE Officer Eric Echevarria


Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.


Secretary’s Report:

Motion to approve the minutes of May 20, 2010 by Evan Hennessey, seconded by Tony Sanchez. The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Evan Hennessey reported $44,258.68 in our checking account, $176.00 in our PayPal account, and $53,761.47 in our money market account.


ROPE Officer’s Report:

Eric Echevarria indicated that activity in the neighborhood was relatively quiet, though a few copper thefts have been reported.  Eric submitted the Leetzes to receive an award for their efforts in the community.  He also reported that authorities are working on resolving the issues at the Bowe’s Retirement Center.

Eric also thanked GPA for the donation to ROPE Camp, which takes place next week.

Congratulations to Eric on his recent marriage!

As always, if you have questions or concerns about activity in the neighborhood, contact Eric directly at:

[email protected]

Or: (847) 354-3394

Standing Committee Reports:



Chair Alicia Lykins reminded everyone to get their dues in!  Welcome to new members, including Curt & Jo Coletti!



Chair Barb Counterman not in attendance.  Tony Sanchez reported that Barb is working on a fire prevention presentation event, probably for October.


Historic District

Chair Laura Jacobson reported that she will have a committee meeting in July.

Amongst the ideas she is considering are movie nights in Gifford Park.  At the meeting, she will discuss ideas she observed in St. Louis’ historic district.

Laura indicated she would be conducting an inventory of historic lights and signage; please let her know if you are aware of any missing.

Also, volunteers are needed for a couple of the upcoming porch party dates.



Ali Hallock reported that all tour houses have been visited, except one.  She is working on finalizing a registration site.

The next Housewalk committee meeting will be 7:00 p.m. at the DNA Offices.


Public Relations

Chair Dan Miller had nothing to report.


May 28, 2010 Golf Classic:

Chair Jay Kjellander’s wrap-up report indicated that the event had gone well, with all golfers enjoying the outing.  We had more golfers this year, but lower sponsorships due to the economy.  Estimated net was $835.

Jay offered his thanks to committee members and all those who helped, including Tony Sanchez, Barb Counterman, Jeff & Laura Jacobson, Amanda Carlson, Margaret Keen, Evan Hennessey, JohnKrzyzanowski, Curt Coletti, Mike Burns, and Dan Miller.


Thanks a Lot! Turkey Trot:

Chair Amanda Carlson reported that the event received a great deal of important exposure during the Memorial Day Foxtrot to about 1500 people.  Julie Schmitt is working a website.  The race is also listed at www.raceit.com.  Brenda Hennessey is working on course planning with Elgin’s special events coordinator.

To volunteer to assist with the project, please contact Amanda Carslon:

[email protected]

(630) 400-6687


July Meeting:

Due to the summer holidays, the U-46 school building will not be available for meeting.  Anyone with suggestions for a meeting place should contact Jeff Jacobson.

[email protected]

(630) 391-1236


Concerts in the Park:

David Williams reported that GPA will co-host one of the city’s Concerts in the Park, along with Summit Park Neighbors.  The event is Tuesday evening, July 27th at Wing Park at 7:00.  We will set up a small tent about an hour before the event to market the Housewalk and provide refreshments to attendees.


Motion to adjourn:

Moved by Evan Hennessey, seconded by Tony Sanchez.  Motion carried with meeting adjourning at 7:35 p.m.  After-meeting continued at the Elgin Public House.


A special thanks to the Elgin Public House for accommodating us.


Reminder: The July general membership meeting will be in a different location, to be announced.


Next general membership meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, 7/15/10.


Recorded by David Williams, Secretary