November 2009

Attending: Joe Kjellander, Gregg Hagen, David & Jennifer Williams, Jeff Jacobson, Roy & Linda Voss, Donna Leetz, John & Carol Anderson, Jeff McIntire, Margaret Keen, Tony Sanchez & Barb Counterman, Doug Tomsha, Fran Cella, Deborah Allan

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 –ish

Thank you to Deborah for a dish of delectable dessert delights.

Joe’s Handouts:

For reproduction historic windows and doors there is a firm out of Wisconsin called KrumpenWoodworks:  [email protected]; (262) 270-2001

Also a note to check out B&L Landscape Center’s 22nd annual Trim-a-Tree Craft Bazaar.  The event runs 11/27 thru 12/13, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Located at 13th & Illinois Ave’s on St. Charles’ east side.

Secretary’s Report:

Approval of the minutes of October 15th moved by Jeff Jacobson, seconded by Barb Counterman. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

In Evan Hennessey’s absence, Joe Kjellander reported $47,198.12 in our checking, and $53,607.76 in our Money Market account(s).

ROPE Officer Report:

ROPE officer Eric Echevarria was unable to attend.  He reported to Joe Kjellander that activity in the neighborhood has been relatively quiet.

The ROPE officers are putting together gift baskets for needy families in the neighborhood(s).

As always, if you have questions, or concerns about suspicious activity in the neighborhood, you can contact Eric directly at:

[email protected]

Or: (847) 354-3394


Historic Committee:

Chair Jeff Jacobson reported that he has finalized the 4 houses for the holiday Wassailing Saunter, scheduled for Saturday, December 12th.  Mark your calendars!  Full details will be forwarded shortly.

As reported in a recent e-mail, the GPA’s Window Winter Wonderland display is nearly complete.  Laura Jacobson has asked for people who have vintage luggage, clothing and hats to contact her about lending items for the display.  Please contact Laura at:[email protected]

Check out the window, located in the Leath Building, 164 E. Chicago Ave.

The holiday garland-hanging will be Saturday, December 5th, starting at 9:00 a.m.  If we have sufficient volunteers, we should be able to finish under 2 hours.  Please contact Jeff to volunteer!

Jeff also still needs items for the Gazette.  Please contact him if you have something to add.

[email protected]

(630) 391-1236

Membership Committee:

Chair Alicia Lykins was unable to attend.  She had nothing to report.

House Walk Committee:

Chair Fran Cella reported that Donna Leetz had volunteered to conduct an inventory of all Housewalk materials and other materials currently in the storage locker.  Donna also volunteered to supply a shelving unit to assist in organizing the locker.  Thank you to Donna for that!

Also, Donna requested that anyone who has Housewalk or other GPA materials stored at their houses to please contact her so she can corral those materials for proper storage.

[email protected]

Program Committee:

Chair Barb Counterman is working on putting together another Merchant Night, tentatively scheduled for the evening of December 3rd.  If anyone knows a downtown merchant who might like to participate, please contact Barb. [email protected]

Public Relations Committee:

Chair Fran Cella had nothing to report

2010 Board Elections:

Because there were no contested seats, Margaret Keen moved that we conduct a single up-down vote for the 2010 slate of officers.  The motion was seconded by Jennifer Williams.  The motion carried, and the slate was elected with no opposing votes.  The slate of officers takes office immediately.  The 2010 board will consist of the following elected positions:

President:  Jeff Jacobson

Vice-President:  Tony Sanchez

Finance Director:  Bill Briska

Treasurer:  Evan Hennessey

Secretary:  David Williams

1st At-Large:  Pat Miller

2nd At-Large:  Ali Hallock

It will also include Joe Kjellander as immediate president and the chairs of the 5 standing committees.  Those chair positions will be confirmed at a board meeting to follow.

Congratulations and good luck to the new administration!

Other Comments & Concerns:

Jeff Jacobson reported that he is researching an opportunity for a Chicago Cubs rooftop fundraiser for early spring.  Details to follow.

Jeff also reported that Jay Kjellander has volunteered to chair the 2010 GPA Golf Classic, tentatively scheduled for May 21st.  Details to follow.

Deborah Allan passed around a petition for a dog park.  Anyone interested should contact Deborah.

[email protected]

Jennifer Fritz-Williams reported that the permanent Odd-Even parking signs have been going up in the neighborhood.  All signs should be up by November 30th.   Ticketing will begin on December 1st.  The new enforcement hours are 2 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Anyone who has questions about the program should visit the city’s website.

Margaret Keen expressed her thanks to the outgoing board members for their contributions.

Joe Kjellander thanked everyone for their support during his 2 years in office.

President-elect Jeff Jacobson stated that one of his primary goals during his term will be to foster greater cooperation with other neighborhood associations.

Motion to adjourn:

Motion to adjourn by Donna Leetz, seconded by Evan Williams (via David Williams).

Motion carried, with meeting adjourning at 7:45.  After-party held in room 239.

There will be no meeting in December.  The next scheduled general membership meeting is Thursday, January 21, 2010 in our usual location.

Minutes recorded by David Williams, Secretary