September 2008

Gifford Park Association General Member Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2008


In attendance: Joe Kjellander, Jay Kjellander, Jeff McIntire, Karen Bach, Chris Bach, Jennifer Fritz-Williams, David Williams, Evan Williams, Bill Briska, Zachary Lammers, Angeley Mullins, Glenna Preradovic, Eric Echavarria, Laura Jacobson, Tobitha Gray, Nick Lykins, Dan, Miller, Pat Miller, Fran Cella, Doug Tomsha, Margaret Keen



Joe’s Handouts and announcements

Joe Kjellander’s handouts included NENA newsletter that talked up the GPA Housewalk, real estate comings and goings, fall leaf collection map.


Announcements of events included 9-22-08 “Moving with the Mayor” and 9-28-08 Cemetery Walk.


Welcome and Introductions


Secretary’s Report – review/approval

Nick Lykinsmoved to approve the Minutes of July 17, 2008; Laura Jacobson seconded the motion; the motion to approve the Minutes of July 17, 2008 was carried


Treasurer’s Report

Angeley Mullins reported that GPA’s five $10K CDs were rolled over to a high-yield savings account and GPA has $37,780 in checking


Preliminary Housewalk figures were reported and discussed (a record will be made when the figures are finalized)


ROPE Report

Eric Echevarria reported that his duties as ROPE Officer begin officially on 10-25-08; he introduced himself (and his daughters who were present), shared his background, and fielded questions and concerns

Committee Reports

Historic District

Laura Jacobson reported that

      —      Wassailing Saunter will take place on 12-13-08; 4 participants are needed (soon!)

      —    Bark A Paw Looza will take place on 9-20-08 (GPA resident Mary Aguilar has been promoting this event)

      —    Gazette has been distributed

Margaret Keen reported that she is meeting on 9-25-08 w/Sean Stegall to discuss banners


Membership Committee

Nick Lykinsbrought membership directories to the meeting and reported that GPA has 116 paid members


Housewalk Committee

Fran Cellareported, after a discussion by members regarding the horrible rain-soaked housewalk weather, that the participating homeowners had a really good time

Nick Lykins stated that the Bandits have expressed interest in participating in community events like Housewalk

David Williams reported that the Elgin Crisis Center received the leftovers from the Housewalk dinner

Karen Bach stated that a wrap-up meeting will be announced and thanked all those who volunteered

Jeff McIntire complimented the docents, particularly two in period-costume


Although the 2009 Calendar was not available at the time of the Housewalk, appreciation was expressed to Sue Awot and to Hans Klemmer for their hard work on the calendar


Dream Team Committee

Dan Miller stated that Mike Howell and Scott Savel are in the process of making bids for 140 Channing

Margaret Keen suggested that the basement be checked for water after last weekend’s rainfall


Concerns were raised and discussion ensued regarding financing  



Joe Kjellander reported that

            the cost of the conference is $275 (Registration), but the reception is free

            he needs to know ASAP who is planning on attending (head count is currently 4 GPA members)

            reimbursement for attendees is open for discussion


After discussion, Jeff McIntire moved to reimburse attendees their tuition plus $200; Dan Miller seconded the motion, then withdrew his “second” and after further discussion, the motion failed (there being no second)


Nick Lykins then moved to pay tuition for those attending, provided that reimbursement by the Heritage Commission is sought first by those attendees on the Heritage Commission


After discussion regarding “caps” and/or “fixed fees”, Nick Lykins amended his original motion such that tuition reimbursement is capped at 6 attendees; David Williams seconded the amended motion; the motion carried (Dan Miller abstained from voting)



Jeff McIntireis taking names of those interested in board and committee positions; he will bring names to GPA’s October 2008 meeting



Joe Kjellander recapped an email that has been drafted and distributed by Craig Dressang wherein Craig discussed ideas for an Art and Architecture walk in the Historic District


After discussion, it was apparent that GPA did not want to assume the responsibilities of organizing the Walk, but GPA would be very supportive



No other concerns were expressed


Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made by Evan Williams via David Williams and was seconded by Fran Cella.

The motion carried.