November 2008

Gifford Park Association General Member Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 20, 2008


In attendance: Joe Kjellander, Jennifer Fritz-Williams, David Williams, Evan Williams, Bill Briska, Fran Cella, Jay Kjellander, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff McIntire, Julie Schmitt, Paul Durrenberger, Gregg Hagen, ROPE OFFICER Eric Echevarria, Alicia Lykins, Dan Miller, Pat Miller, Evan Hennessey, Nancy Schatzeder, Deborah Allan, Doug Tomsha, Margaret Keen


Joe’s Handouts and announcements

Joe Kjellander’shandouts and announcements included the GPA award (plaque) that was presented to GPA in Tulsa and a brochure from the event in Tulsa; a copy of the book Elgin People Elgin Pets; 2009 Grant applications.


Secretary’s Report – review/approval

Margaret Keen asked that her October 2008 Minutes be amended per an email she received after the meeting from Fran Cella – specifically that the reference to the City’s housewalk “donation” be changed to the City’s housewalk “sponsorship”.


Fran Cellamoved to approve the Minutes of October 16, 2008 as amended; Alicia Lykins seconded the motion; the motion to approve the Minutes of October 2008 as amended was carried.


ROPE Report

Eric Echevarria reported that there hasn’t been anything too serious, but to be careful about leaving garage doors open and cars running; also be aware that there are some people just wandering the neighborhood and the police are on top of this


Committee Reports

Historic District

Jeff Jacobson reported that

Garlands will be put on the light poles on 12-6-08; volunteers will meet at Joe Kjellander’s at 9am

Wassailing Saunter will be 12-13-08 (last house is being confirmed)

Gazette will hopefully be ready for distribution by 12-6-08


Membership Committee

Alicia Lykins reported that the owner of 225 Villa has joined GPA


Program Committee

Barbara Countermanexpressed (through Joe Kjellander) a big “Thank You” to all who attended GPA’s “Merchants Night”.


Dan Miller reported that the 312 Dundee salvage was successful, albeit pulled together on short notice; $779 was taken in; there were 50 participants; doors were salvaged that may be used for 140 N Channing; special thanks to volunteers Pat Miller, Joe Kjellander, Tony Sanchez, Brian Anderson, Jeff Jacobson, and to Jennifer Fritz-Williams who persuaded the owner to agree to the salvage




President                      Joe Kjellander

Vice President               Laura Jacobson

Secretary                      David Williams

Treasurer                       Evan Hennessey

At Large#2                    Pat Miller


The slate had already been approved at the meeting of October 2008; the attendees unanimously approved the Officers on the Slate for 2009.



Jay Kjellander made a presentation for a GPA fundraiser: hosting a Golf Tournament this summer.  


The topic was open for discussion after Jay’s presentation and the discussion topics included how to tie in the golf theme to GPA and the need for GPA to discuss its goals and objectives.

Dan Miller moved to form an exploratory committee; Evan Hennessey seconded the motion and the motion carried.




Margaret Keen read an email she had received from Assistant City Manager Sean Stegall regarding the potential to continue with design of Banners, but the need to postpone implementation of the Banners in 2009 due to budget constraints.


Pat Miller asked for an update regarding the pocket park ownership (it was determined that follow-up with Sean Stegall is needed).


Jeff Jacobson asked us to revisit the idea of displaying GPA’s trophies, prizes, awards. Discussion ensured after which Fran Cella agreed to take on location research.



Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made by Jeff Jacobson and was seconded by Evan Williams; the motion carried.