May 2008


In attendance: Pat and Dan Miller, Holly Wiedmeyer, Jennifer Fritz-Williams, David Williams, Gregg Hagen, Joe Kjellender, Alicia Lykins, Nick Lykins, Laura Jacobson, Evan Hennessey, Brenda Zeid, Karen Bach, Chris Bach, Kathleen and Chris Mau, Dave Mendiola



Real Estate sales:

  • 167 S. Channing (condo) $100,000
  • 100 N. Liberty $126,000
  • 373 Park $170,000
  • 514 Division $145,000

Homes for sale:

  • 207 S. Channing $239,900
  • 64 S. Channing $189,900
  • 169 S. Channing (condo) $279,900
  • 59 S. Gifford $349,00
  • 564 E. Chicago $317,800

Interior pictures of 514 Division, which has been unveiled and is currently being rehabbed by John Anderson and Paul Cayez.

A newspaper article announcing that Emmett’s Tavern, owned by the family of GPA members Mike and Sarah Burns, won the silver medal at the recent World Beer Cup Competition.

A newspaper article about the cemetery at the Elgin Mental Health center which featured a picture of our own Bill Briska.


Nick Lykins moved to approve the Minutes of March 20, 2008.

Holly Wiedmever seconded the motion

The motion to approved the Minutes of March 20, 2008 was carried unanimously


Holly Wiedmever reported that our CD balance is $51,464.95 and the checking account balance is $37,289.95. Holly thanked Bill Briska for helping her update the accounts. She said, “He blew me away” with his expertise.

Joe also thanked Bill for doing our taxes. He reminded the group that we are a 501 c(4) non-profit organization. Gifts or things like the housewalk tickets are not tax deductible. We are a tax-exempt organization so we do not pay taxes on our income.


Pat Miller reported (for Dave Mendiola who was late):

There was a recent home invasion on Laurel St. with the perpetrator escaping on foot. The schools were asked to keep their students inside while a K-9 unit searched the area. Pat mentioned that the dog went in our garage. Many people commented that the dog probably did not like the looks or smell of Dan. Officer Kevin Sosnowski, with gun drawn, searched behind our garage.

Dave arrived at the meeting and added that he has been very busy with lots of loud music complaints. With the warmer weather there is always an increase in the calls for service. Dave added that there was a shooting at 321 North for which they did recover the gun. A foot chase ensued with the schools locked down again. They have not apprehended the shooter but they do have everyone else in the car.

Alicia Lykins asked if he knew anything about the house at 398 Park, as it is vacant with a window broken. It was reported that the house is in foreclosure. Jennifer Fritz-Williams promised to report the broken window to the code officer.