March 2008


In attendance: Amanda Carlson, John Krzyzanowski, Pat Miller, Dan Miller, Holly Wiedmeyer, Jennifer Fritz-Williams, David Williams, Gregg Hagen, Joe Kjellander, Alicia Lykins, Nick Lykins, Margaret Keen, Barbara Counterman, Sarah Burns, Mike Burns, Nicole Brooks (Courier News), Doug Tomsha, Bill Briska, Deborah Allan, Jeff Jacobson, Laura Jacobson, Jeff McIntire, Carol Anderson, Tobitha Gray, Julie Schmitt, Bill Decker, Roy Voss, Linda Voss, Paul Bednar, Charlene Sligting (SWAN)



Joe’s handouts included

  • copies of Restorer’s catalog
  • calendar of Victorian homes in Illinois
  • real property in the neighborhood for rent and for sale
  • Bunte Auction Services flyer
  • Great Unveiling information (with hope expressed that 141 N. Gifford will be interested)
  • Volunteer sign-up sheet for the Architectural Salvages scheduled for March 29th & 30th
    • Letter from John Steffan that was attached as an exhibit to Fran Cella’s application for National Trust Award
    • Article from Courier regarding Northwest Neighborhood Association’s decision to stop their application for a neighborhood plan
    • Spirit magazine/ECN Newsletter/Parks & Recreation brochure

SWAN’s president Charlene Sligting gave a presentation regarding Sanfillipo’s 90 acre property acquisition and called for us to unite with SWAN as they attempt to gather 3000 signatures on a petition to “maintain open spaces”. For more information, Charlene can be contacted by email at [email protected]


Sarah Burns moved to approve the Minutes of February 21, 2008.

Laura Jacobson seconded the motion

The motion to approve the Minutes of February 21, 2008 was carried unanimously


Holly Wiedmever reported that the CD balance is $50k and the checking account balance is $40,078


Pat Miller reported (for Dave Mendioloa who was ill):

  • City will have a “zero tolerance” policy with respect to cars with loud music
  • Tenants were evicted from 110-12 Tennyson; house is red-tagged
  • Dave and the boys & girls basketball teams he was coaching had fun and did well Alicia Lykins reported that Elgin’s zero tolerance policy regarding cars with loud music (ticketing and towing) was covered on FOX News


Historic Committee

Jeff Jacobson reported that

  • Gazettes (membership issue) are done and need to be distributed (volunteers needed) All members present gave Jeff and Laura a big round of applause … they will be missed!
    • Membership potluck dinner will be April 18th (no GPA meeting that month)
    • Annual GPA Membership costs: $6 for individual and $12 for family

Membership Committee Alicia Lykinsreported that

Housewalk 2008

Dan Miller announced that site selection has begun

Laura Jacobson reported that the Housewalk will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 9am to 5:30pm and that most key positions have been filled

Program Committee

Barb Counterman announced a GPA Group Trip to Island Girl Salvage on April 12, 2008 and that a head count is needed by April 1, 2008 (an email announcement to all members is forthcoming)


Fran Cella was applauded for the hard work she put into the application for this “organizational excellence” award


Jennifer Fritz-Williams announced a list of activities set for May 2008 including

  • May 1st: Mayor’s Awards
  • May 5th: Arches at the Gail Borden Library
    • May 15th: Elgin Historical Society is hosting activities all day for International Museum Day
    • May 17th: EHS’s trip to Glessner House
    • May 31st: Bunte Auction House will be at the Library for a Mini Antiques Road Show-type event

Information on these and other Historic Preservation Month events will be forthcoming


Mark Billings contacted Joe K prior to the meeting to discuss the Summit Neighborhood Association’s request for donations for the brick monument to be installed in their neighborhood entryway. After discussion, GPA members decided that they would like to hear a presentation by the Summit Neighborhood Association at a future meeting.


Joe K stated that a “Dream Team” was activated by the GPA Board at its last meeting, the purpose of which at this time is to look into the feasibility of rehabbing any of the previously- discussed properties (no money has been spent to date):

  • 140 North Channing
  • 467 Division
  • 114-16 North Channing



Julie Schmitt expressed concern about the litter that is making our neighborhood a mess and appealed to members to clean up the litter

Holly Wiedmeyer gave a positive review of Villa Verona restaurant in downtown Elgin

Barbara Counterman stated that Gail Borden Library has grant money to spend so they are looking to hire someone to work as a teen youth leader (not a permanent position)

In response to Paul Bednar’s inquiry about progress in the leaf clean-up program, Jeff McIntire stated that the City just purchased four new leaf-vacuum machines

Paul Bednar stated that the Parks Department is looking for sites at which to have an open playground and that input/communication from GPA would be valuable

Deborah Allan provided some information regarding the leash/no-leash debate at Schweitzer Woods dog park.

Paul Bednar stated that with respect to the little park over on the Grandview site, the neighborhood will be invited to give input as to what type of park it should be


Motion to adjourn was made by Amanda Carlson and was seconded by Jeff Jacobson The motion was carried unanimously.