June 2008

Gifford Park Association General Member Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2008


In attendance: Jeff McIntire, Carol Anderson, John Anderson, Karen Bach, Chris Bach, Holly Wiedmeyer, David Williams, Jennifer Williams, Pat Miller, Dan Miller, Julie Schmitt, Fran Cella, Charlene Sligting, Bill Decker, Mike Burns, Alicia Lykins, Nick Lykins, Brenda Zeid, Evan Hennessey, Gregg Hagen, Zachary Lammers, Angeley Mullins, Bill Briska, Mark Preradovic, Glenna Preradovic, Dave Mendiola, Laura Jacobson, Barbara Counterman, Tony Sanchez, Tobitha Gray, Paul Durrenberger, Deborah Allan, Margaret Keen

Welcome and Introductions


Joe’s Handouts and announcements

Handouts included:

—    Information regarding National Night Out

—    Courier article about a house in the historic district receiving attention from the city for its troubles with a previous contractor

—    Boys & Girls Club flier

—    A newspaper article mentioning Elgin’s inclusion in top 100 cities in which to live (52nd)


      —     Grandview Park neighbor input meeting: June 25th @ 7pm, Centre of Elgin

      —     Channing Park Grand Opening: Friday, July 25th from 5:00 to 8:00 with a ribbon cutting at 6:00 pm.

      —    Street Gang Prevention & Intervention Committee: Fran Cella emailed the Committee’s plan

      —    Thanks to Pat and Dan Miller for hosting the first porch party of the summer


Secretary’s Report – review/approval

Glenna Preradovicmoved to approve the Minutes of May 15, 2008; Holly Wiedmeyer seconded the motion; the motion to approve the Minutes of May 15, 2008 was carried


Treasurer’s Report

Holly Wiedmeyer reported that our CD balance and the checking account balance are nearly the same as the figures reported last month


ROPE Report

Dave Mendiola reported

      —    lock up your tools/sheds/garage; there is a tool thief out there

      —    lock up your cars; there have been a few burglaries

      —    there has been an increase in “shots fired” calls (mostly fireworks)

      —    recent trouble on 300 block of North Street, but landlord reports that evictions are coming

      —    ROPE camp was a big success; pictures are coming

      —      equipment that detects sound amps is being tested over the weekend

      —    National Night Out is coming soon


Committee Reports

Historic Committee

Laura Jacobson reported that the Gazettes are ready for distribution


Membership Committee

Alicia Lykins reported that membership is faring well; members are paying the fee; new member joined


Housewalk 2008

Karen Bach reported that

      —    there are 8 houses lined up and initial visits to all but one have taken place

      —    a prototype poster is completed

      —      Victorian Homes magazine had a nice write-up about the housewalk    

Laura Jacobson reported that an initial visit is now scheduled for the 8th house  


Program Committee

Barb Countermanreported that members are busy with Housewalk and house rehab and that she’s in the process of creating an outline for the rest of this year and the beginning of next year


Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee report was given off the record


Dream Team Committee

Dan Miller provided a history/slide show of GPA rehabs, rehabs inspired by GPA work, and the three houses that are “on the table” (467 Division, 114-116 North Channing, 140 N Channing)

Members who visited the sites provided impressions and insight

Jennifer Fritz-Williams mentioned that the City’s thoughts are that whichever house GPA selects, the other will be the ROPE Officer house

Dan Miller called for a brainstorming session and members debated/shared their thoughts/asked questions


Jeff McIntire moved to direct the dream team to get “hard numbers” for exterior and interior renovations at 140 North Channing; Nick Lykins seconded the motion; the motion carried


After additional brainstorming among members, Nick Lykins moved to get “hard numbers” for exterior and interior renovations at 467 Division; Dave Williams seconded the motion; the motion carried



Joe Kjellander reported that

—    James Halik tendered his resignation

—    prior to the June General Membership Meeting, the GPA Board approved the selection of Jeff McIntire to replace James Halik as at-large board member

—    a vote was made by general members, and the members approved Jeff McIntire as replacement



Joe Kjellander provided a brief history/concerns regarding liability and maintenance costs of the park


After discussion (primarily regarding the City’s intentions and the potential results of our giving up control), Fran Cella moved to turn the pocket park ownership over to the City; Zachary Lammers seconded the motion; a vote was taken: 18 votes were in favor of the transfer of ownership; 8 votes were against the transfer; the motion carried


Joe Kjellander also brought to the members’ attention that a landscaping/maintenance fee in the amount of $2106 was submitted by Bill Witte which required member approval for slightly exceeding budget

David Williams moved to approve the fee; Laura Jacobson seconded the motion; further discussion ensued; the motion carried  



Joe Kjellander reported that

      —    Paul Durrenberger and Paul Bednar are negotiating over submitted plans

      —    we should expect shortly an email calling for volunteers for plantings




Mike Burns stated that the lawns of the foreclosed homes are looking terrible; Jennifer Fritz-Williams stated that this was a code violation and that the City should be called, but that it is tougher with bank-owned properties to get a violation fixed quickly


Dan Miller reported that 2009 will mark GPA’s 30th anniversary and suggested that we start thinking about a party/event to mark the occasion



Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made by Jeff McIntire and was seconded by Laura Jacobson

The motion carried.