July 2008

Gifford Park Association General Member Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2008


In attendance: Joe Kjellander, Jeff McIntire, Carol Anderson, John Anderson, Karen Bach, Chris Bach, Jennifer Fritz-Williams, Brenda Zeid, Evan Hennessey, Gregg Hagen, Zachary Lammers, Angeley Mullins, Mark Preradovic, Glenna Preradovic, Dave Mendiola, Laura Jacobson, Barbara Counterman, Anthony Sanchez, Tobitha Gray, Amanda Carlson, Deborah Allan, Jeri Webb, Carol Buczkowski, Douglas Bucskowski, Margaret Keen


joe Kjellander announced that Holly Wiedmeyer resigned as GPA’s treasurer and that the GPA Board recommends Angeley Mullins to fill the vacancy created by the resignation.

Barbara Counterman moved to appoint Angeley Mullins as GPA Treasurer; Tobitha Grey seconded the motion; the motion carried.

Welcome and Introductions


Joe’s Handouts and announcements

Please let Joe Kjellander know if you are interested in attending October’s Ceremony for the National Trust For Historic Preservation 2008 Trustees’ Award for Organizational Excellence.


Secretary’s Report – review/approval

Margaret Keen reported that there are two amendments to the distributed June 19, 2008 Minutes: 1) The Channing Park Grand Opening is set for July 25th (not the previously reported July 24th) from 5pm to 8pm with a ribbon cutting at 6pm and 2)   A motion was made to get numbers for 140 North Channing not 140 North Gifford


Glenna Preradovicmoved to approve the Minutes of June 19, 2008 as amended; Tony Sanchez seconded the motion; the motion to approve the Minutes of June 19, 2008 was carried

Treasurer’s Report

Joe Kjellander reported that we have five $10K CDs and we have $37K in checking

ROPE Report

Dave Mendiola reported

      —    crime statistics are pretty good this summer

      —    issue on the 400 block of Chicago may be resolved

      —    still have issues on North Street

      —    let Dave know about abandoned vehicles

      —    ROPE camp was a big success; Dave gave CD of ROPE camp pictures to Joe K

      —    Dave’s time in ROPE program is coming to an end (approx Sept 2008); Dave asked for extension at least to address Nat’l Night out

      —    National Night Out is coming soon (band is needed!)

PRESENTATION RE: 140 N CHANNING/467 DIVISION – RuthAnne Hall and Jennifer Fritz-Williams

RuthAnne Hall introduced a discussion regarding transfer of ownership of one of the two homes from the City to GPA


Jennifer Fritz-Williams provided drawings of current and potential floor plans for the two homes


A discussion ensued regarding numbers, potential for City grants (potentially $49k for each house), the motivation for a GPA rehab project (impact v profit)


Tony Sanchez made a motion to direct RuthAnne Hall to propose to City Council to transfer ownership of 140 Channing to GPA for $1.00; John Anderson seconded the motion; the motion carried (Jennifer Fritz-Williams abstained from voting).



Committee Reports

Housewalk 2008

Karen Bach reported that

      —    mailing party should be some time @ end of July (look for email announcement)

      —    Pot Luck Dinner August 15th @ Lord’s Park Pavilion

      —    sign-up sheet available for distribution of Housewalk posters

      —    if you work for a big company & they have a recreation dept, maybe they’d help promote housewalk

      —    cost of housewalk is $20 at the door; $15 in advance

Program Committee

Barb Countermanrecapped that August’s activity is the Pot Luck; September’s is the Housewalk; December’s is Wassailing Saunter … and reported that she is working on the following:

                              —    October:   GPA yardsale

                              —    possible dates September 27th, October 4th

                                   one Saturday from 9-3

                              —    maybe advertise in local papers (using program committee budget); maybe draw in new members by having new-membership sign-up material at the sales

                              —     discussions ensued regarding whether yard sales should be held at individual homes or at one central location

—     November:   Merchant Night to show our support for Elgin’s downtown merchants




Joe Kjellander reported that Paul Bednar has put together a plan for Gifford Park planting in the amount of $600 (not many of the existing plants would be saved)


Discussion ensued during which it was suggested that perhaps plants could be purchased for less and that there was no particular need to decide immediately


Jeff McIntire moved to table the discussion to a later date; Mark Preradovic seconded the motion; the motion carried


Happy Birthday wishes were expressed to Chris Bach and to Mark Preradovic


In response to an inquiry regarding the process of informing the City that a street needed repaving, Jennifer Fritz-Williams suggested that Public Works be contacted


Glenna Preradovic extended thanks to the City for pool passes the City provided in exchange for volunteering during the Memorial Weekend Fox Trot



Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made by Barbara Counterman and was seconded by Zachary Lammers.

The motion carried.