July 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Members present: Dan and Pat Miller, Mark and Glenna Preradovic, Roy and Linda Voss, Dave and Jennifer Williams, Margaret Keen, Bill Briska, Doug Tomsha, Greg Hagen, Joe Kjellander, Nick Lykins, Paul Durrenberger, Jeff McIntire, Dan Skaggs, Angeley Mullins, Jenny Morales, Jeff Jacobson, Tony Sanchez, Dave Mendiola, Warren and Christine Tejes.

Dan’s papers: Article and party invite for the DNA Director who’s leaving, Community Crisis Center newsletter, Bike Race, Aug. 5th in our neighborhood – need volunteers, Preservation magazine, email from Rebecca Hunter who has freebie plants, Bunte auction flyer.

Joe Kjellander moved and Jennifer Williams seconded a motion to approve the minutes from May 17, 2007. MOTION PASSED.

Nick Lykins made a motion to approve the minutes for June 21, 2007. Seconded by Dave Williams. MOTION PASSED.

Emmett’s Pub is sponsoring a 32 mile bike ride to Oswego on July 29th. Email Dan for more info if you have a hankering to bike to Oswego.

Treasurer’s Report: Glenna reported that GPA currently has $27,646.33 in our checking account and five CD’s at $10,000 each for a grand total of $77,646.33.

Membership: Dan says pay up!

Housewalk: Our annual housewalk which has morphed into a one day event on August 26th from 9 am to 5:30 pm, is currently seeking living, breathing docents who are interested in working the mid and day’s end shifts. Please call or e-mail Sandy Gochnour [email protected]“>[email protected] at 847-742-0916 if you would like to work one of these shifts. Why wait til the last minute? Call now! I’ll wait until you get back… Go on now… The day’s not getting any younger… Finished? You’re not lying are you? ‘Cuz I’ll just call Sandy right now to check up on you. That’s what I thought… I’ll just be right here while you finish that call…           That wasn’t so hard now was it?

There is also a sign up sheet for poster distribution. Please see Pat Miller if you can deliver posters to neighboring communities. Everything else is on schedule. Thanks to Sue Awot, Dan and Pat, Margaret Keen, Holly Mack and Sally Wilson for attending the labeling party and working their little fingers off so that the rest of us can remain comfortable with our slacking.

Historic District: Jeff finally heard from the city about banners for our poles. The prices quoted were a tad expensive, but it was for a double-sided banner instead of a single-sided banner. Street signs should be installed anytime now.

The next porch party is July 27 at 163 Hill Street at the Burns residence. The parties have been such a success that Jeff is thinking of extending them into the fall. Dan bragged about how wonderful the parties have been and he’s glad he thought of it.

Street corner plantings are dying for lack of water. Apparently we are paying for upkeep that does not include watering. Neighborhood signs need to be updated, repainted or replaced with larger signs. The next Gazette should be ready by August 1st. This year’s Christmas party will be on December 15th and Jeff will be looking for four houses to host the wild and woolly GPA crowd. The next Historic District meeting will be at Jeff’s house on July 24th at 7 pm. If you need to contact Jeff for any reason, have any ideas for his committee to pursue, or just want to chat, his new cell phone number is 630-391-1236. His e-mail address is [email protected] Dan finally gave credit where it is due and thanked Jeff for the great idea of porch parties and stated it was the best thing to happen in GPA in 15 years! The big bang finish was a slide show on everyone having fun planting our now dying roses on the corners.

ROPE officer report: Dave also had a great slide show of the ROPE camp in Lake Geneva. The only major problem in the neighborhood was a shooting at 133 College which Dave thinks is gang related. August 7th is National Nite Out in Gifford Park from 6 to 9 pm. Dave is planning pony rides, a petting zoo, moon walk, bands, and an appearance from the Model T club.

Dan asked how long a car can stay parked on the street. Dave answered 24 hours. Dan ranted that he’s been having a problem with abandoned beaters on Prairie   Street and that it took eight days of phone calls to get one tagged. Dave said to call him directly and he’ll take care of it (He hates to see a grown man rant.) If you need to call Dave for any reason including abandoned cars, or just to chat, his number is 847-354-3394. Jenny asked where the whole idea of restrictive parking for street sweeping and snow removal in Elgin stood and Dan replied that the mayor doesn’t think there’s a problem outside of our neighborhood. He feels we are the only ones complaining. Dan says that the city states they’re still studying it.

Calendar: Sue Awot has seven houses lined up for the calendar.

Channing Y development: Pat, Bill, Paul and Jennifer are representing us on the design review subcommittee. Joe says the plan he saw has virtually no parking and a tight alley. Jennifer said there is no site plan. Pat said their role is only advisory.   The City Council can go against prevailing comments if they wish.   People commented that the lot is looking messy. Our code enforcement officer doesn’t think the city is interested in doing anything about their own property violations. The group did not miss the irony of the city holding homeowners to a standard that they are unwilling to uphold themselves.

Other business: Friday, August 10th is the Housewalk Preview Pot Luck at the Lord’s Park Pavilion from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

Linda asked what’s going on with the new parking lot that was supposed to be constructed at the U-46 offices. No one knows. The mystery lives on.

Dave Williams made a motion to adjourn and Glenna seconded the motion. Jeff was disappointed that he wasn’t fast enough to second this motion because he wanted his name in the minutes one more time. I hate to see a grown man cry so: Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Jacobson. That should hold him for a while.

The group happily left to party on at the Lykins residence where the hosts were gracious (including the dogs) and the guests congenial.

Submitted by Karen Bach, GPA secretart (not a typo).