November 2005 Membership Meeting

Gifford Park Association

General Membership Meeting

November 17, 2005

Gifford School

Present:          Pat Segel, Chair; Linda Voss; Pat Miller; Bill Briska; Dan Miller; Deborah Allan; Norda Landers; Dianne Reiken; David Mendiola; Manuela Ramirez; Jennifer Shroder; Fran Cella.

Voting Machine Demo:

Deborah Allan provided the group with a demonstration of the voting machine that has been tentatively selected to replace paper ballots in Kane County. The County has chosen this particular machine but its’ selection must be certified by the State. The federal government is giving $2 million to Kane County to purchase voting machines. The County Clerk’s Office will save $1.2 million/yr from the cost of printing paper ballots. This money will be applied to the cost of purchasing voting machines.

Deborah explained that ballots are thrown out in every election because voters inadvertently select too many candidates. The machine eliminates that problem by allowing voters to see who they voted for & to make changes as needed.

Everyone present had an opportunity to try out the machine. The following issues were raised:

$          Is it possible to track individual votes as a code is needed to access the ballot?   No -the code disappears within seconds of voting.

$          Does electronic data increase the potential for election rigging? No – Data does not leave the precinct until the election is closed.

$          The machine will be too complicated for many voters. It was recommended that demos be provided at each polling place by a competent helper.

Advance voting for a specified period before each election is being considered.

Neighborhood Issues:

Rope Officer, David Mendiola discussed the traffic circle shooting on Halloween. No one has been charged yet.

There are no funds this year for the Shop with a Cop program. The Kane Co Sheriff’s office will pick up some of this program. The Community Crisis Center will also be doing a toy give away.

The problem of people sleeping in the Pocket Park was discussed. There is difficulty with police enforcement because the park is private property. There is no problem with enforcing illegal activity e.g. drinking, public indeceny & littering. Dan will draft a letter to the City requesting support in enforcing these issues.   Like other parks, the pocket park should close at sunset. It was also agreed that a trash receptacle (historically appropriate) would be very helpful in controlling litter.

Pat Miller raised a variety of neighborhood concerns including:

$          enforcement of no parking near intersections & sidewalks;



$          Realtors   promoting conversion of neighborhood homes beyond their original use. (Pat has filed a complaint with the Board of Realtors about a specific listing.)

$          a specific problem with tree trimming across property lines

2006 Board Election:

The GPA Bylaws designate November as the month in which a new board is elected. A quorum of board members was not present. As the bylaws are silent on whether a quorum is needed, Fran motioned that we proceed with the election. Jennifer seconded. Motion passed.

Dan Miller made a motion that the following slate of officers be accepted. Jennifer seconded. Motion passed.

President — Dan Miller

Vice President — Deborah Allan

Secretary — Karen Bach

Treasurer — (vacant)

First at large — Joe Kjellander

The above plus the following will constitute the elected GPA officers for 2006.

Second at large — Chris Bach

Immediate Past President – Pat Segel

Code Seminar:

Dan provided some 2004 statistics from the recent code seminar:

$          8,608 complaints received

$          90% were resolved

$          53% were self initiated

$          25% involved rental licenses

$          18% were initiated by the Public Works Dept.

$          4% were initiated by other departments

The next session to be held on Wednesday 12/14 7 Garfield School (420 May St.) will focus on overcrowding.

132 N. Channing

Tom Krebsbach has taken over as realtor. There are no bids. Numerous big bills are coming up including home owner insurance, utilities, gpa liability insurance and repayment of NHS loan.


Dan reported that GPA took in $815 on the recent salvage (half of the net proceeds goes to the homeowner).   $200 was spent on mailing fliers to 800 + salvagers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Summarized by:

Fran Cella