March 2005 Membership Meeting

Gifford Park Association
General Membership Meeting
March 17, 2005
First Congregational Church

Present:           Pat Segel, Chair; Fran Cella; Betty Sanders-Webber; Pat Miller; Bill Briska; Doug Tomsha; Dave Segel; Bob Bird; Jennifer Phillips; Paul Sommer; Lois Charlton; Beth Hudson; Paul Durrenberger; Marilyn Krug ; Bill Witte

Guests:            Paula Emerson & Karen Flanagan, Elgin Police Department Crime Prevention Division.

Personal Safety

Paula Emerson & Karen Flanagan from the E.P.D. Crime Prevention Division, provided a presentation on methods to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

The Crime Prevention Division provides a variety of services including home security surveys.

Contact the Crime Prevention Division if you are interested in participating in either of the following special training events:

$                      Citizen Police Academy (Paula 847/289-2588)

$                      Community Emergency response Team (Karen 847/289-2533)


Jennifer Phillips from Abode (& the Grant Park Neighborhood Assoc) extended a welcome to GPA and indicated that Abode would like to work more collaboratively with GPA.

Project House

The open house is an Elgin Area Chamber After Hours hosted by GPA and

the city of Elgin from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesday, 4/26. GPA is paying for the

event from a $975 Small Sparks grant from the city. Cuisine America and

Garden of Eatin’ will provide refreshments. Beer and wine will be served.

All GPA members are invited to attend and see the final result of a

14-month, $125,000 renovation project.

Channing Park

Dave Segel reported that the transfer of Channing Park from the school district to the city is imminent. This could be an important opportunity for improved park space in the neighborhood.

Templo Calvaro

There have been rumors that the church is interested in demolishing this building. At present, they are hoping to lease out the building.


Demolition of the Lovellton building has been approved. The design for a new building (Walgreen’s) still needs to be approved.

Elgin Proud & Beautiful

Pat S. reported that beautification money is available. GPA has not filed an application as we are currently overloaded with volunteer projects. If any one is interested in taking on a project, contact Pat for the application information.

Rummage Sale/Craft Fair

Betty S. is interested in organizing a fund raiser for GPA. She and Julie S. will come back to the group with recommendations for a time and venue.

Great Unveiling

An Elgin Historic District house has not been identified for this year’s Great Unveiling. The unveiling is scheduled for the first week in May. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who is, please contact Bill Briska (847/421-4022)

Appointment of Committee Chairs.

The board recommended and the membership approved the following committee chair appointments:

Historic House Tour- Fran Cella

Publicity – Julie Schmitt

Program – Joe Kjellander

Membership/ Social – Betty Sanders-Webber

Next Meeting

The next general membership meeting will be a pot luck Thursday May 19 7 p.m. at the First Congregational Church.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30p.m.

Submitted by:

Fran Cella, Secretary