February 2005 Board Meeting

GPA Board Mtg
DNA Offices
Board Members Present: Pat Segel,chair; Bill Briska; Fran Cella; Joe Kjellander
Others Present: Pat Miller; Dan Miller; Deborah Allan; Mark Billings

1. Review of Purpose Statement

Pat S submitted proposed rewording to the Purpose Statement from the GPA constitution in advance of the meeting. There is no change to the essence of the statement.   The   wording is rearranged to make it more clear. The proposed revision will be sent to the general membership with the minutes & voted on at the next mtg


2. Definition & Duties of Standing Committees

There was brief discussion about the inclusion of committee descriptions in bylaws.  


Membership Committee– Betty Sanders-Webber is interested in continuing as chair of this committee. Membership is defined in the bylaws to include social functions.   This is ok with Betty if she has help

Membership needs to be an important mission of the entire board.


Public Relations Committee – Language has been drafted to broaden the role to include more outreach.   Julie Schmitt is interested in chairing this committee.


Historic District Committee – as defined in the bylaws , this is a planning & liason committee. It sounds very similar to the role of the board as a whole. It is recommended that this be deleted as a committee &   replaced with individual board members serving as liaison to specific groups.


Per Pat Miller,   previous committee chairs interpreted the committee role as seeking ways to eliminate problems from the neighborhood & enhance assets. The committee did important projects, applied for grants, etc


However, the committee hasn’t functitoned this way in several years. It is currently Redundant with Neigborhood planning committee.  

If eliminated, it is recommended that planning & liaison functions be added to board member job descriptions.


Program Committee

no changes recommended


Historic House Tour Committee

no changes recommended


Joe moved & Bill seconded that changes to the committee section of the bylaws be recommended to the   general membership.


3.         Committee Reports

House Tour

Fran has agreed to chair the 2005 Historic House Tour. The tour will be in the northeast neighborhood of Elgin.   Jean Bednar has agreed to chair site selection. Sandy Gochnour is happy to chair staffing again this year. Bill Briska will coordinate research and Chris Bach will assist with production of the book. Other committee appointments will be finalized in the near future with a meeting to follow.



No report.


4. General Membership Meetings – future programs

Per discussion at the board retreat, general membership meetings will take place monthly & will involve programs & social opportunities. We also discussed moving the meetings to Fridays.

At the present time,   meeting space is uncertain.   The U46 building is undergoing renovation and Holy Trinity Church is not available on fridays. A meeting date will not be set until we a have locatiton

Paul Durrenberger is checking on a potential speaker who is a historic preservationist and works with developers on historically appropriate design. Pat S will check on using the academy if this program materializes.


Joe k is interested in working on programs.   Possible topics include:

!          Color people – old house color experts

!          Wallpaper – Barrington source

!          Sweating pipe (abode)

!          Stained glass (M. Krebsbach)


5. Finance Review

Bill reported that we will be receiving some assistance to cover the cost of our liability insurance for the great unveilings.   GPA currently pays $1600/yr to cover this event which is a citywide activity. The Heritage Commission has agreed to pay $500/yr to underwrite the cost of the great unveilings.


Discussion followed re; how the unveilings will be handled this year. Dan suggested that Bill coordinate them. How promote? Approach potential participants.

Scheduled for preservation week.


The city is also offering a new program for siding removal – $3000 but no labor.

6. 132 N. Channing

Mark reported that Mike Millikan toured the property and closed all interior code violations.

Although we secured an architectural rehab grant we haven’t drawn on it yet. We are able to get up to 75% prior to completion (i.e. $7500).


An after hours for the Elgin Chamber of Commerce is planned for early April at the Channing house.   Although GPA is not a member of the Chamber, the City is. The intent is to showcase all the city programs we’ve participated in. NHS will also be a partner. The city has no discretionary money available to cover the cost of   refreshments, etc. Mark will apply for a small sparks grant for this purpose.


The interior should be done by the time of the April event.   Exterior may not be done – depends on weather.


Mark is scheduling a Volunteer day for mid February.  


7. Other Business

Deborah Allan inquired about the status of Lovelton.   The Heritage commission supported recommendation not to demolish. Developer will probably appeal to the city   council


An ad hoc committee under NENA will be doing a Christmas housewalk but not in their district. The focus will be more on decorations than architecture.


The next ABODE meeting at the Stroud’s house . Pictures from the historic Elgin book in process will be viewed.



The application deadline for a Neighborhood Improvement Grant is 3/28. Pat Miller asked if GPA will be applying. Forward ideas to Pat S. will need to proceed quickly.


Deborah Allan reported that a Home Program Initiative between Kane County & Elgin will have $800,000 in Federal money available.   $225,000 will come back to Elgin for home rehab


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Submitted by:
Fran Cella, Secretary