August 2005 Board Retreat

GPA Board Meeting
DNA Offices

Board Present:           Pat Segel, Chair; Bill Briska; Brian Stark; Paul Durrenberger; Betty Sanders-Webber; Fran Cella; Chris Bach; Julie Schmitt
Others Present :                   Dan& Pat Miller; Deborah Allan

House Tour Report:

Fran reported that all is on schedule with the House Tour planning & implementation. The biggest issue is the lack of funds to cover House Tour expenses. Most of the money laid out to date has been advanced by members. (See financial report.)

Help is needed with distribution of house tour posters & postcards. A list was circulated and board members volunteered for sites.


Financial Report:

Bill distributed a report of GPA’s finances as of 8/2/05. A summary follows:


Check book balance on 8/2/05:                                $2385.94


132 N Channing related bills due soon:                   2461.02 est


House Walk expenses due before 9/10:                  1238.36 est.

     (Comments: We are short an estimated

$1313.44 in the pre House Walk period.)


House Walk expenses due after 9/12:                     6370.00 est.


Currently owed to members:                                     3610.71 est.


Anticipated House Walk revenue:


          Ticket & promo table sales                                      20,000 est.                                             

          Sponsorship yet to be rec’d                                   4,000 est.  

          (2125 rec’d to date & incl in check book bal.)


Net after House Walk                                                12,705.85 est.



132 N. Channing

The last Open house attracted 35 people – 2 of which expressed possible interest. The overall feedback from visitors was positive. The lack of storm windows was mentioned.

Mark Billings would like feedback on the current price.   Consider listing at $249,9 because the search criteria sort houses by above & below $250,000.


There is consensus that we should host an open house during the house tour. Mark will pursue a small sparks grant to support that activity.


City Banners

DNA has requested our input on the desirability of having banners on the historic street light poles along Chicago St.   There was a consensus that this should be done.



A list of non- renewals was circulated. Board members were asked to contact people individually about their lapsed membership.


Channing YMCA site

The demolition of the old Y is in process. If the neighborhood is to have input, we need to do that prior to the city soliciting bids. Dan proposed that we ask city hall to have open meetings with neighbors to solicit input . That input should be incorporated into the City’s Request for Proposals. Dan volunteered to talk with Mayor Schock. *


Pat Miller reported that she would like to see some of the City’s “problem property” money used to tear down the raised ranch adjacent to the Y. Even better, maybe developer could purchase this property.


Pat also pointed out that some of the houses on Hilton Place use the Y property to access their properties.



Deborah asked about making input to the Walgreens that will be erected on the Lovellton property. Bill reported that the design has already been approved by the Design Review Subcommittee. Many of the requested features were incorporated into the final design.


Budget Roundtable

The city is having a roundtable discussion of the budge on August 18. This is an opportunity to give input about the neighborhood’s needs. The group brainstormed about items for the agenda. Identified priorities include:


  • Additional vacuum      method equipment for leaf pick up
  • create skate      board parks
  • additional resources for graffiti removal
  • additional resources for code enforcement (resident code officer)
  • assignment of Sarosh to full time preservation


Additional ideas that were discussed:

  • ask to      use problem property $ to raze specific houses on Channing improve whole block. Reportedly the City has already identified a target      area on south Spring St..
  • Paul      suggested that consideration be given to moving the neighborhood houses      currently located on the smallest lots to the Y site and improving them.
  • Betty      offered several suggestions to improve downtown, including incentives for      businesses & packages for people going to the casino. These are already in place.
  • Betty      also suggested that a work program be developed for youth to help elderly      or incapacitated residents with home rehab, etc.


Meeting Location

Beginning in September, board & general membership meetings will return to Gifford Street School.



Meeting adjourned at 8:15



Submitted by:



Fran Cella, Secretary

* This discussion with the Mayor took place on 8/10. Per Dan, the city hopes to send out a Request For Proposal (RFP) to *prospective developers of the site in the fall.  Three or four developers have already shown an interest and the Mayor would expect seven or eight developers to reply to the RFP.  The Mayor suggests  the neighbors meet before hand to discuss what they would like for the site.  Those suggestions would then be given to the city for their possible use in writing a better RFP.  After the city receives proposals back he feels they would cull it down to the two best proposals and have the developers present their proposals at an open meetings with the City Council ultimately picking what they feel would be best for the parcel.  The mayor feels there are certain challenges to the site.  For instance, he feels there would be a minimum number of houses that would have to be built to make it feasible for everyone concerned and the houses have to be built to sell at a certain price level. 

 This neighborhood meeting will be held after the house tour. The tentative date is September 15th.  Confirmation will follow.