September 2004 Membership Meeting

Gifford Park Association
General Membership Meeting
September 16, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Fran Cella, Bill Briska, Paul Durrenberger, Julie Schmitt, Pat and Dan Miller, Diane Reiken, Kevin Sonsowski, Dave Mediola (new ROPE Officer), Betty Sanders-Webber
The meeting began at 7:10 p.m.

2004 Historic House Tour Results

The 2004 Housewalk brought in over $26,000 and over $368 in raffle tickets were sold. The raffle prize this year was a lawnmower generously donated by Sears.

Treasurer’s Report

Dan Miller reported that GPA has received ? in sponsorship monies, thanks to Julie S.’s efforts, and that leaves an account balance of $34,856.66.

132 N. Channing

The project house so far has had a total of $101,733 of out-of-pocket expenses. We need volunteers!

Update on Proposed Walgreens Development

Fran C. gave the update. Walgreens has been making deposits on the property. They called the Mayor to determine if the site would be able to hold their building. The City is asking for a written statement from GPA regarding the items we would like addressed if the Walgreens development was to take place. A letter was mailed with the August meeting notes and for those with e-mail, it will be e-mailed to the GPA group mailing list.

GPA Storage

The Bednars have been graciously storing GPA items in their basement for several years. GPA would like to find a permanent storage place to house these items. There are several Housewalk tour booklets for each year, and we need to only keep about 100 of each year. Signs for the Housewalk, which are large, will need a home.

Bill B. looked into some options and came up with:

A 10’ x 10’ room would cost around $80/$100 and a 5’ x 10’ room would cost around $60. Different options raise the cost, such as climate-controlled storage rooms.

Pat M. has talked to NHS about possible storage and will also call the City to see what options are available.

Bill B. has given 100 tour booklets to the City.

Neighborhood Update

Kevin Sosnowski reported on crime in the Historic District. Some graffiti was spotted on a Channing School door. A stabbing/shooting took place at Anthony’s Jazz Club. This Saturday, all Rope officers will submit a plan and problem areas will be identified and solutions will be presented to handle the problems. At Tennyson Court there was a gang sighting. Currently, there have been no arrests made on the armed robbery that occurred a couple of months ago.

501c3 Status

In the absence of Pat Segal, Bill B. gave us an update of where GPA is in the 501c3 process. GPA’s application has been rejected for this status, because we sell our rehabilitation projects on the open market. Some options to obtain 501c3 would be to set up an educational Foundation, which would be a 501c3.

Pat M. asked why then is NHS have a 501c3 status, when they sell properties on the open market.

A 501c3 is charitable and educational in nature. If GPA could obtain this status, it would help out is in the running for grant money from places such as the Riverboat.

It would cost around $1,000 to do the application process again.

Channing Y

The City has decided to purchase the Channing Y for $250,000. They plan on putting a 11-house development there.

Fran C. brought up the question of does GPA want to see a park there.

Pat M. feels that an 11-house development on the property will be too dense.

Bill B. says that we need to take a position on what we want and then go from there,

Fran C. believes we need to decide what we want-a park or a small park with the development? She brought up that Paul bednar has several studies related to the benefits of a park on communities.

Diane R. mentioned that we can also add to the property later so maybe starting out requesting a park is not a bad idea.

Dan M. says that the City feels they are helping us by adding housing developments and a Walgreens in responses to Betty S.’s question of why dos the City keep adding these things to the Historic District.   Betty S. believes that they can build these things on Randall Rd. The Historic District does not have enough space.

GPA Elections

Fran C. will send information regarding GPA elections for 2005.

GPA Work Day

There is a work day scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 9 a.m. for the Pocket Park. Contact Paul Bednar at 847-741-2837 for more information.

The meeting concluded at 8:17 p.m.

Submitted by Betty A. Sanders-Webber, GPA Board Secretary