November 2004 Board Meeting

Gifford Park Association
Board Meeting
November 4, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Fran Cella, Paul Durrenberger, Pat Segel, Julie Schmitt, Bill Briska, Dan and Pat Miller, Betty A. Sanders-Webber
The meeting began at 7:10 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings

Since U-46 is remodeling the school at 355 E. Chicago St., GPA meetings will be held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church through January-June 2005.

132 N. Channing

Pat S. received a check for $250.00 from Fifth Third Bank from the Housewalk sponsorships.

Some minor roof repairs are needed at the project house. As well as the replacement of five windows and porches that need to be made.

Bill B. believes we need to borrow more than $15,000 from NHS in order to complete the house. Mark Billings is scheduled to talk with NHS on November 5th.

Dan M. suggested having a special financial meeting with the Dream Team Committee to discuss the current financial situation of the project. He has spoken to Mike Howell regarding the making of the porches and Mr. Howell can make them within the $8,500 budget.

Fran C. says we need to come up with an idea of the house asking price.

Bill B. brought up the idea of asking his neighbor to convert her house back to a single family unit. GPA could supply the labor and be paid off from the deconversion money she receives from the city. All present were in favor of this idea.

Rummage Sale

Paul D. suggested seeing if GPA could use the Channing Y for the Rummage Sale. This way the sale could be held indoors. Fran C. will call the Y to see if this is a possibility.

Julie S. suggested seeing if we could get other organizations to market to their membership such as the Historical Museum and existing neighborhood groups in Elgin. She also suggested contacting the Courier and Cherie at the City of Elgin to publicize the event.

Walgreens/Lovellton Update

The City has sent the most recent plans for the proposed Walgreens on the Lovellton site to GPA.

Pocket Park

The bricks for the Pocket Park are in the process of being laid at their new location.


GPA needs to renew their insurance. The 2005 insurance cost is $1,600. Dan M. will send an e-mail to Sarosh Saher and the Heritage Commission asking for help with the insurance cost. GPA will also see if the insurance can be paid in installments rather than one lump sum. The insurance is at this price because of the Great Unveiling activity each year. It is considered an