July 2004 Board Meeting

Gifford Park Association
Board Meeting at the DNA Offices
July 2, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Fran Cella, Jean Bednar, Pat Segel, Julie Schmitt, Dan Miller, Pat Miller, Bill Briska, Mark Billings, Paul Durrenberger, Betty A. Sanders-Webber

The meeting began at 7:10 p.m.

Neighborhood Survey Results
Fran Cella gave a report on the Neighborhood Survey
Results. A few highlights of the survey follow:

The most important things to those living in the
Historic District:
82%-mature trees
76% Neighborhood parks and open space
73%-downtown services
61%-50/50 grant program
51%-living in an historic neighborhood with older

The most important problems:
60%-street parking and abandoned cars
54%-violations of city housing codes

The following reflect the things that people like most
and least about the neighborhood. These comments were
in response to open ended questions and are listed in
rank order:

The things liked:
1. Historic homes – was the undisputed
2. convenient location to downtown, transportation,
churches, and schools
3. Neighbors
4. Trees
5. Downtown improvements
6. Cultural diversity

The things liked least:
1. Noise! (cars, music, neighbors)
2. Overcrowding
3. Street parking
4. Litter
5. Traffic
6. Crime
7. Houses in disrepair
8. Code enforcement (both lack of & unfair
9. Street cleaning/snow removal

RuthAnne Hall, from the City Managers office plans to
arrange meetings between the neighborhood and
appropriate city departments so that neighborhood
needs can be incorporated into the city’s next year
budget cycle.

Concert in the Park
Mark Billings is currently working on the Concert in
the Park, which will be held at Lords Park on Sunday,
July 25, 2004. The concert is free, is co-sponsored by
the Elgin Community Network, and will include an
hour-long performance by the Fox Valley Concert Band.
(Gifford Park is located at Chapel and Fulton

If you are interested in volunteering this event,
please contact Mark Billings at 847-741-8399.

A general feeling from those present was that the Park
needs to have more events held at it. This may deter
criminals from using the park. The Park has been in
renovation for nearly twenty-five years and it is
important that these efforts are not in vain.

Rope Officer
The term for our Historic Resident Officer, Kevin
Sosnowski will be expiring this year. Interviews for a
new Resident Officer will begin in August of this
year. GPA will ask to participate in some of these

Nominating Committee
Fran would like to begin assembling a nominating
committee for next year’s election. The Bylaws call
for the committee to be chaired by the 2nd at large
member and include 2 individuals from the general
membership. As the 2nd at large position is currently
vacant, Fran would like to appoint someone from the
board to chair the committee. A proposal for the
composition of the nominating committee will be
submitted to the board for approval.

2004 House Tour
Fran Cella says all the houses chosen for this year’s
housewalk are marvelous and gave a big thanks to Dan
Miller for his selection of homes this year.

Housewalk postcards are in the process of being made,
but they are still awaiting printing.

Protocol for Distributing Minutes
Fran Cella passed out a proposed protocol for
distributing the minutes. (see Attached) After much
discussion, it was decided that members would be
notified by a separate mailing of the intent to
distribute the minutes by e-mail and asking if they
would prefer to have their minutes mailed by post. A
reply form with a return date will be included. Fran
will draft the letter and the form and distribute it
to the board for review. This plan was stated in the
form of a motion by Fran Cella and seconded by Julie
Schmitt. The motion passed unaminously.

A letter will also be sent out to all 2003-2004 GPA
members who did not renew, asking them to continue
their membership and support of GPA.

501(c3) Grant Application
The IRS called Pat Segel regarding the application for
501(c3) status for the Gifford Park Association. Pat
Segel’s IRS contact will call about the letter if she
has any further questions regarding GPA’s activities.

Dream Team
The driveway is being taken out that is located in the
front yard of the property. The city is in the
process of removing the sidewalk apron. Mayor Schock
and the city of Elgin public works dept. need to have
praise heaped on them for taking out the improper curb
cut and driveway at 132 with no cost to us. They even
brought in black dirt to fill the hole.
Dan and Pat Miller trimmed the trees at 132 N.
Channing. A tree service will be hired to take away
the brush.
Mark Billings thanked the Millers’ for their
volunteerism in tree-trimming and the City for filling
in the apron curb cut and including dirt and sod.

Volunteers are needed to finish the stripping of the
woodwork on the staircase and front parlor. If you
are interested in helping, please contact Mark
Billings at 847-741-8399.

In his role as treasurer, Dan requested clarification
on billing. Mark will be responsible for seeing that
Dan’s questions are answered.

General Membership Meetings
Our general membership meetings are in need of an
overhaul! Over the next few months we will experiment
with different formats to see if we can bring more
life (and attendees) to the meetings. This months
meeting will be primarily a social event held at
Fran’s house. Future meetings will be held at
various sites around Elgin & will begin with an
informational program on the location.

August Board Meeting
The August Board meeting will be changed from its’
regular date to Thursday August 12. (location tba)
It is hoped that all board members will attend. At
this meeting, we will have a frank discussion about
current & future directions of GPA and the board.
Fran will distribute information in advance to help
you prepare for the meeting.
Future Meetings/Events

*The next General Membership meeting will be held at
Fran Cella’s residence at 470 Park St. on July 15,
2004 at 7 p.m.

*The August Board meeting will be held on the 12th at
7 p.m. [location tba]

*The Housewalk Kickoff Potluck will be held on August

*The Concert in Gifford Park will be held on Sunday,
July 25, 2004. Please contact Mark Billings at
847-741-8399 to volunteer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Board Minutes

$ Record Meeting Minutes Secretary (or designee)

$ Distribute draft of Minutes to Board Secretary

$ Review and submit changes/corrections to Secretary

$ E-mail minutes + cover memo* to general membership
Attach Word document + cut & paste into cover note.

$ Post on website Webmaster (or designee)

$ Mail printed minutes to non-e-mail users ?
General Membership Minutes

$ Record Meeting Minutes Secretary (or designee)

$ Distribute draft of Minutes to President (&
designee) Secretary

$ Review and submit changes/corrections to Secretary
President (& designee)

$ E-mail minutes + cover memo to general membership
Attach Word document + cut & paste into cover note.

$ Post on website Webmaster (or designee)

$ Mail printed minutes to non-e-mail users ?

Please e-mail me if you would prefer not to have your
minutes e-mailed to you.