October 2003 Membership Meeting

Gifford Park Association
General Membership Meeting
October 16, 2003

Present:            Bill Briska, Dan and Pat Miller, Deborah Allen, Paul and Jean Bednar,  Betty Webber, Fran Cella, Julie Schmitt, Dave Berkey, Hans Klemmer, Fran Olsen- Klemmer, Jennifer Schroder

Fran Cella called the meeting to order at 7:10

The Dream Team will get started immediately. Mark Billings will head up this committee. He and others have listed a number of potential properties to inquire about. Fran asked anyone who has an idea of a potential rehab project to contact Mark directly at 847 741 8399.

Treasurer’s report

Dan Miller reported the following:
3 CD’s each worth  $21,372.39, Checking account is $46,152.28 and the Wayne Landers Account is $12,644.54.    The Total GPA money assets are $122,913.99

Fran Cella gave an update on the budget hearing process and neighborhood input.

Pat Miller asked that we fill the vacancy of a Membership Chair person ASAP. She suggested Betty Weber. Pat made a motion to appoint Betty Sanders as the membership Chair, effective immediately. Motioned was seconded by Julie Schmitt. Passed unanimously.

Fran opened discussion of the Neighborhood Plan Grant from the City. Since the details of the application for the grant are unclear, Fran will meet with Ruth Ann Hall. Pat Miller suggested that the criteria for funding includes forming a neighborhood committee comprised of business people, renters, school officials, etc. The application deadline is in November.

There was some discussion regarding the proposed Elgin Far West Comprehensive Plan, especially since recent letters and paper coverage raised concerns. All members are encouraged to be informed.

The Nomination Committee, Fran Olsen-Klemmer, Hans Klemmer and Betty Sanders-Webber presented a nomination slate of GPA officers.  The following names are slated for elected office:
President                       Fran Cella
Vice President              Pat Segel
Secretary                      Betty Sanders-Webber
Treasurer                       Dan Miller
Finance Director            Bill Briska
At large member            Dave Berkey

A motion to approve the slate as presented was made by Hans, seconded by Jennifer. Passed unanimously.

Jennifer Schroder gave a status report of the ECN. 10/21 will be Popcorn and Planning meeting to discuss the bike routes thru the City. Members were urged to attend. Hopefully the final routes will include connections to our neighborhood. Paul Bednar was asked if ECN was still going to co ordinate a stakeholders meeting for our area G. Although ECN plans to do this, it may take a while for something to be organized.  There is no reason why GPA shouldn’t reach out to other neighborhoods in the interim.

Paul Bednar asked those present if they thought GPA could find volunteers to hang the garland on street poles this year. He also asked if they thought it possible to spend some money, buy more garland to do more poles and find enough volunteers to help. The group thought it possible and liked the idea of expanding but premised their approval on getting volunteers lined up ASAP for two Garland Party dates, Saturday 11/29 and 11/30. Paul is responsible to accomplish this task. Paul Bednar will approach Menards about another garland purchase. Paul Durrenburger will get a flyer together to find volunteers.  If any members will please volunteer for a two hour stint call Paul at 847 741 2837.

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm

Respectfully submitted by Paul Bednar, Board Secretary