February 2003 Board Meeting

Gifford Park Association Board Meeting
February 6, 2003

Attending:  Pat Miller, Dan Miller, Fran Cella, Paul Bednar, Jean Bednar

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by President Fran Cella

Committee appointments

Fran discussed the open committee positions. Pat Miller volunteered to be Historic District Chair ( Paul Durrenberger stepped down). Fran will ask Laura Becerra if she is interested in the membership committee. All agreed. Mark Billings has volunteered to chair the Historic House Tour is slated for Sept 6-7

Potential Grant Projects

Fran reviewed the list of possibilities from the Saturday morning session. She noted which were the top priorities in each category.. The large grant priority of getting funds to improve the Grandview site was put on hold. Various improvements for the vacant parcel at Chapel and Chicago is the next choice.

The Small grant project will be lighting the Doughboy Statue on Villa at Prairie. Pat Miller will gather all necessary information for the application. Fran will take photos. Pat will get electric information and pass along to Paul B, who in turn will work with an electrical contractor to determine the scope and cost.

Fran will coordinate the writing of the grant for the Pocket Park development. She will get letters of support from the neighboring agencies, such as Community Crisis Center, Templo Calvario, etc. She will talk to Deborah Allan to get a letter from the County regarding permission to improve the lot. Paul Bednar will supply the site plan, cost estimates, project description, and photos of various elements in the design.

Projects for follow up at a later date include:

$  Explore the development with the City of a matching grant program to upgrade substandard houses and driveways within the district. Many drives are unpaved.

$  consider approaching LaRoca about participating in the Great Unveiling

Grandview site

The board discussed the various issues involved in the Grandview site discussions. Fran will write a letter to the City, summarizing the GPA history of desiring to save some open space and also provide much needed parking for some apartments on Gifford and Villa. It will include some Board suggestions.

Circle of Time film

Jean said she will work with Kerin Ellen Kelly of NENA to establish a movie showing soon.

Any meeting notices should emphasize that we offer kid care. Meetings are always on the third Thursday

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted by Paul Bednar