May 2002 Board Meeting

GPA Board Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2002

In Attendance:  Jean Bednar, Mark Billings, Deb Aguinaga, Joe Kjellander, Paul Durrenberger, Fran Cella, Mike Kramer, Pat Miller, Dan Miller

Meeting was called to order at 7:20 by President Dan Miller

Historic District Parkway Planting

Paul Durrenberger reported that he has 14 volunteers and 4 to 5 YMCA restitution program helpers.  There are 18 corners.  Midwest Ground Cover did not have carpet roses.  Elgin Proud and Beautiful gave only $200 as opposed to the $400 we were expecting.  Town and Country has 80 plants that we can use at a reduced rate of $15 each.  Paul is working with Home Depot to get them to reduce their price on the 30-40 carpet roses they have in stock.  Folks who are doing the planting will meet at Paul’s house at 8:00 am Saturday.  Paul will call all the volunteers.

Great Unveiling

The Great Unveiling is scheduled for Saturday, May 18.  Rain date is Sunday, May 19.  Dan reviewed the Agreement Form that is signed by the homeowners, as well as the points system used to choose the candidates.  Nine homes applied for the Great Unveiling, Three backed out, leaving six homes, but there is only enough money for five.  Discussed the possibility of GPA kicking in an additional $1000 to fund a sixth house.  Paul Durrenberger made a motion to fund an additional $1000 for a sixth unveiling.  Fran Cella seconded.  The motion passed.  The six homes to be unveiled are 832 N. Spring (Paulette and Keith Day), 372 N. Spring (Cari and Reed Zawacki), 424-426 Park (Rose Martinez), 105 Hill (Humberto and Kim Olsen), 351 Algona (Terry Koko) and 361 Douglas (NHS).  Brought up the possibility of bringing the other neighborhood group volunteers together at Gifford Park and providing food for lunch.  This would coordinate with the rededication of Gifford Park.  Mark Billings stated the ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 1:00.  Lunch will be at 12:30.  Some discussion occurred regarding how much food to buy.  Decided to buy enough food for 50 people.  Paul Durrenberger was planning on bringing 3 folding tables, and will call the Parks department and ask them to deliver some picnic tables.

Home Marketing

Mark Billings reported he has placed an ad mentioning the free bus tour on Saturday May 18.  The ad features pictures of four historic homes, a short summary of historic district benefits, a website address, and Mark’s phone number.

Date for next General Membership Meeting

John McKnight is scheduled to speak on the night of the normal General Membership meeting at the First Congregational Church.  There are many events happening during Preservation Week that would conflict with an alternate date.  After some discussion it was decided to move the General Membership meeting Tuesday, May 14.


Letters of confirmation have gone out to 6 homeowners and the Lords Park museum.  This means that work can begin with those homeowners in preparation for housewalk.  The goal is to have 8 homes and the public museum.  Pat said there were not very many public buildings available for our use for registration that weekend.  The artist has not begun drawing the homes, but Pat is negotiating with him on the price of the prints.  There may also be a problem with parking, although the pool area has parking for about 100 vehicles.  Pat will send out notices for the next meeting.  She will send a list of the confirmed homes to all on the committee.  Pat is looking for house captains at this point. Anyone interested in being a house captain should call her (697-3370).

Open House

It was announced there is an Open House in honor of Marge Fostiak May 22 at Channing School, 3:00 to 7:00.

4th of July Parade Participation

The parade date is approaching and the board is looking for participation.  There is a deadline to register for the parade.


Dave Segel sent some paperwork to Dan for the meeting.  Dan talked about what Dave suggested to change with respect to our articles of incorporation and the bylaws.  Dave will call a meeting to discuss further.

Planning and Zoning

Azteca DeOro is looking to expand their business to include a banquet facility.  A concern was raised that there may not be enough parking for the building, so patrons will be parking on the street where it is already crowded.  Pat suggested that board members attend the public hearing for the planning commission to voice their concerns.  Date has not yet been scheduled.

Fran Cella moved to adjourn, seconded by Paul Durrenberger.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55.