February 2002 Board Meeting

GPA Board Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2002

In attendance:  Paul Durrenberger, Jean Bednar, Dan Miller, Pat Miller, Mark Billings, Joe Becerra, Deb Aguinaga, Bill Briska, Paul Bednar, Joe Kjellander

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Dan Miller.

Update on tree planting program

Bill Briska reported that Dave Segel will be doing most of the leg work of contacting homeowners to take care of the trees and tree banks.  He hasn’t received very much response at this point.  Bill will see what he can do to accelerate.

Home Advertising on the GPA Website

Dan Miller reported he had a call from a realtor asking to place her listing on our website.  Some discussion occurred regarding possibly encouraging donations (monetary, housewalk brochure ads, or volunteer time) in order to be listed on the website.   Mark Billings noted that we get a lot of traffic on our site from all over the country.  It was decided that Mark would contact the realtor and see what she wants to offer.

Neighborhood Grant Program

Discussion was opened for suggestions regarding neighborhood issues that would benefit from the Neighborhood Grant Program.  Dan Miller suggested that directional signage, known as a wayfinding system, might be a good idea for a grant application. Both companies that Elgin has asked about suggestions for improvements have brought up a need for wayfinding systems.  There are weblinks available to view other wayfinding systems in other communities.  Dan has already made inquiries about getting funding for a wayfinding system for all three historic districts.  The grant application needs to be submitted by March 1.  A motion was made and seconded that GPA apply for a neighborhood grant for the purpose of wayfinding signage.  The motion passed.

Pat Miller brought up another neighborhood issue: on-street parking.  Pat would like to see money spent for a study to resolve the overcrowded parking conditions on city streets.  The goal of the study would be to define where the problem areas are, and then come up with a solution for creating more off-street parking.

Elgin Day in Springfield

Paul Bednar and Mark Billings will be attending Elgin Day in Springfield.  They plan to represent GPA, hand out some pamphlets, and have a Powerpoint presentation available for viewing.  The information would be available to anybody wandering around the capitol building.  The City of Elgin has asked GPA to donate 200 housewalk tickets for the purpose of distributing to legislators to raise awareness of Elgin’s historic homes.  A motion was made and seconded to make 200 housewalk tickets free for distribution to Elgin Day visitors.  The motion passed.

Yard Signs to Advertise GPA Website

Paul Bednar reported that Eagle Heights has some signs that advertise their website.  They also are good about advertising their meetings and their website next to each other.  Paul estimated new signs for GPA would cost $35 each.  A concern was raised about a possible cluttered look.  A motion was made and seconded to buy about six signs to advertise our website.

Suggested Projects for the Historic District Committee

Paul Bednar suggested the following projects for consideration:  flower bed program, Gifford Park watering, maintenance of Historic District signs, maintenance of traffic signs, litter clean up day,  procedure for reporting burnt out street lights, holiday pole decorations.

Update on SOS/Old Elgin High project

Dan Miller reported he emailed some information about the Old Elgin High project for members to review.

Teambuilding Retreat

The board discussed the possibility of taking a retreat for the purpose of teambuilding.  Camp Algonquin was suggested as a possible location.  Mark Billings will pick up brochures for the next board meeting.

Historic brochure

Jean Bednar reported on the status of revising the Historic District brochures that are distributed throughout the year.  The printing cost goes up about 75% for a 4-color brochure, compared to our current 3-color brochure.  Some discussion occurred regarding how to get more money for the 4-color brochure, or reducing the number of brochures in order to make it happen.  Jean will check into other options.

Neighborhood Assets

Pat Miller briefly discussed an idea she got from a video she watched – a learning exchange.  She suggested that GPA could poll people in the historic district to see what they know and what they are willing to teach.  This would be a way to identify the people assets in the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20.