April 2002 Board Meeting

GPA Board Meeting
April 3, 2002

Meeting called to order 7:10 pm by President Dan Miller


The board reviewed the proposed budget that was distributed a week earlier.  After some discussion and modifications, a motion was made and seconded to approve the budget.  The motion passed.  The approved budget is included as an attachment to the minutes.


The first bilingual (English and Spanish) Gazette was mailed last month.  A suggestion was made to add a small paragraph in the next Gazette that would read, ”If you enjoy reading the Gazette or find value in it, please call so and so and let them know.”  It was also suggested that we help communicate more of the design guidelines in the Gazette to help remind residents of the restrictions in the Historic District.

Membership Potluck

It was reported that Mr. Mike Alft, area historian and former Mayor of Elgin, has agreed to speak to us again at the Potluck.  The awards will be given at the potluck.  John and Christine Gately were not present to give an update on other planning issues.

Team Building Exercise

Mark Billings presented a proposal for a team building exercise similar to what the Elgin city council and staff do.  The proposed location is Camp Algonquin and available dates were listed.  The cost would be $200 for a group of up to 16 (plus $45 per person if staying there the Friday night before).  The activities are designed to promote group interactions, consensus building, and problem solving.  The board agreed to set a date later in the year so everyone could plan for it.

Update on Channing YMCA

Cathy Ilani of the Einstein Academy and Erik Anderson of the Boys and Girls Club were present to give an update on their intended use of the Channing YMCA.

Dedication of Gifford Park

Mark Billings committed to publicize the rededication of Gifford Park for 1:00 the same day as the Great Unveiling.  Paul Durrenberger will coordinate the picnic lunch.  There will not be a meeting the Thursday of Preservation Week.

Home and Landscape Speaker

Jean Bednar suggested that Trish MacLachlan speak on landscaping and house colors, etc.  The board discussed the possibility of having her speak at a general membership meeting.  It was decided to schedule it for an alternate Thursday night in June that is not a meeting night.

Dream Team

There was a short discussion on various properties under consideration.  No motions were made.

Gifford St. Alternative School project

Mark Billings volunteered to call and get details on the Gifford Street Alternative School Project.  GPA would like to see the plans and have input.


After consideration of nominations submitted to Dan Miller, the board determined the following awards to be presented at the annual Membership Potluck:

Rookie of the Year – Mike Kramer and Joe Kjellander
Hostess with the Mostest – Laura Becerra
Good Neighbor – First Congregational Church
Unsung Hero – Rork and Angela Coon
Guardian Angel – Kevin Sosnowski
Johnny Appleseed – Bill Briska
Jack of All Trades – Joe Becerra
Golden Pro – Brant Scheidecker
Chuck and Audrey Behrens Award – Mark Billings

Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm.

Attachment: 2002 GPA Approved Budget