November 2001 Membership Meeting

GPA General Membership Meeting
Thursday, November 15, 2001

In Attendance: Deb and Joe Aguinaga, Jean and Paul Bednar, Mark and Pat Billings, Bill Briska, Angela and Rork Coon, Darren Daniels, Greg and Vanessa Darnedier, Paul Durenberger, Joe Kjellander, Dan and Pat Miller, Jason and Kari White Musser, Glenna and Mark Preradovic, and Dave and Pat Segel

Paul Bednar called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

September Minutes

Dan Miller made a motion to approve the September minutes. Jean Bednar seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Channing Park

Paul Bednar reported that a meeting has been set up between the school district, the Parks Department, and Paul Bednar for GPA, to discuss the future of Channing Park. The school district has contacted Paul and is seriously considering swapping or donating land from Channing Park to the City. The meeting will take place Tuesday, November 20th.

Vacant Lot at Geneva and Chicago Streets

Paul Bednar has talked to the owner of the vacant lot at Geneva and Chicago Streets, and the owner is willing to donate the land. The land is currently not buildable and has been in a poor state for several years. Arthur Allen, the attorney, is looking into the legalities of a land donation to an organization such as GPA. Paul commented that it is still uncertain as to whether or not GPA