November 2001 Board Meeting

GPA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 1, 2001

In Attendance: Deb and Joe Aguinaga, Jean and Paul Bednar, Joe Becerra, Bill Briska, Fran Cella, Rork Coon, Paul Durrenberger, Dan and Pat Miller, Jason Musser, and Glenna Preradovic

Paul Bednar called the meeting to order at 7:15PM.

The following minutes were composed from the published and distributed agenda, notes from those in attendance, and email notices sent as updates to the board. An exact dictation of the minutes is not available due to a malfunction in the equipment that was to be used to record the meeting.

Nominating Committee

Deb Aguinaga presented the lists of persons contacted for year 2002 board positions. The slate of officers will be presented to the general membership, and voted upon, during the November general membership meeting.

Christmas Party

The GPA Christmas party will be held on Sunday, December 9th. The party will be held at the Elgin Academy cafeteria, and begin at 5:00 PM. The Board discussed and agreed upon sending a postcard out to the membership with the specifics of this year