March 2001 Board Meeting

Gifford Park Association Board Meeting
Thursday, March 1, 2001

Present: Joe and Deb Aguinaga, Jean and Paul Bednar, Mark Billings, Angela and Rork Coon, Edwina and Tony Little, Dan and Pat Miller, and Jason Musser

Paul Bednar called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM.

Pat Miller suggested that the annual award recommendations should be added to the agenda, as there was only 1 more general membership meeting before the Potluck. Pat also suggested that street cleanup and Channing mobiles be discussed.

433 DuPage Street

Mark Billings introduced Tony and Edwina Little. The Littles recently bid on 433 DuPage Street. Their offer was not accepted. The Littles wished to express their concern with how the sale of the property was handled. They have put in a complaint with the Northwest Area of Realtors, but wanted members of the neighborhood to know the problems that they experienced. Some of the items that the Littles felt were causes for a complaint were: the property closed for $6,000 less than what they offered, the buyers agent worked for the sellers agent, they were asked for an additional $4,000 down with no stipulations that was non-refundable, they were told that the house was not being shown yet when in reality the property had been shown already, and their lawyer has not been supplied with a reason as to why they lost the property. Mark Billings agreed to review the information presented, and determine if GPA has just cause to add to the complaint the Littles have already submitted. Mark will forward his findings to the board through email. Jean Bednar asked who had purchased the property. Tony commented that he believed it was an investment group as the closing had already taken place. His thoughts were that the only people that would be able to come up with the capital that quickly would be an investment group. Paul Bednar provided the Littles with a list of addresses of different properties in the district that they might be interested in.

Top Ten List

The board reviewed the first seven of the top ten list. Following are the comments presented.


The City has addressed some of the ideas in this area by increasing the deconversion incentive funds. The City has also helped with the Home Marketing Program Grant. In general, the group felt that there have been improvements. An area yet to be targeted is education of realtors on historic home marketing. It was suggested that the City should have a seminar. Pat Miller added that GPA should also support point of sale inspections.

Neighborhood Plan

A city wide comprehensive plan is in the works. Consultants will be in town during the next few weeks to talk to the individual neighborhood groups.

Street Lights Maintenance Program

Jason Musser commented that he called the City and requested that they take care of a few lights that were out. The issue was addressed the next day. Dan Miller noticed that a contract for painting streetlights was approved, and recommended that someone check into this. Paul Bednar added that the block between Geneva and Villa still needed to be completed. The replacement of cobraheads at corners and the outdated lights in front of St. Mary