Great Unveiling Grant

A Great Unveiling is the removal of substitute or non-original siding from a home’s exterior. Examples of substitute siding are:  aluminum, vinyl, asphalt, asbestos, and stucco.  It is common for original siding such as clapboards, wood shingles, brick, and stone to be left in place underneath the substitute siding during installation.  The Great Unveiling reveals these hidden original details. 

The property owner may perform the labor of removal themselves or the Gifford Park Association can organize an old-fashioned volunteer day to help. Due to the dangers of handling asbestos, GPA cannot supply labor to remove it; however, the property owner can remove it themselves.  

The Gifford Park Association will award $5000 upon satisfactory completion of the removal of substitute siding from a property in the Elgin Historic District.  

The property owner is responsible for all city permits, Certificates of Appropriateness, and for following city design guidelines and building codes for any exterior work needed.

This unveiling grant may be combined with other GPA or City of Elgin grants. For example, the GPA 50/50 Architectural Restoration Grant may provide up to $2000 for replication of missing elements.  A GPA Paint Grant of up to $3000 may cover some of the costs of paint.  Additionally, the project may qualify for the City of Elgin grants. 

To get started e-mail GPA at [email protected] or call 847-697-3370 before starting your project.

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