Great Unveiling

What is a Great Unveiling?

A “Great Unveiling” is when Gifford Park Association volunteers get together to remove substitute siding from a home. Substitute siding is anything that is covering or replacing the original brick, stone, wood shingles, or clapboards of your house. It might be aluminum, asphalt, or stucco. In an effort to bring back our neighborhood’s historic beauty, GPA is offering a $5,000 grant to homeowners to help cover the costs of removing substitute siding.

Why remove substitute siding?

A well-restored home is often worth more than a home with substitute siding. You never know what beautiful elements you might find underneath! Did you know that GPA also offers an Architectural Restoration Grant of up to $2,000?

What would be required of YOU?

You would be responsible for obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the City of Elgin, as well as completing any necessary exterior work, following the city’s design guidelines and codes. If your home is chosen as a “Great Unveiling” candidate, volunteers will descend upon your house with tools and a picnic lunch. They will spend the day removing substitute siding from your house, revealing your home’s original charm and beauty.


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