Gifford Park Association Grant Programs Overview

GPA 50/50 Architectural Restoration Grant

Owners of residential structures with 4 or fewer units within the Elgin Historic District, may apply for up to $2,000 in matching funds for exterior projects to reconstruct missing original elements. Applications are submitted by a given deadline and evaluated in relation to all other applicants. Qualifying projects are awarded grants until funds are exhausted for a given year. See application and program guidelines.

GPA Great Unveiling Grant

Structures located within the Elgin Historic District can qualify for a reward of $5,000 and a day of volunteer help for removal of substitute siding. Examples of substitute siding are aluminum, vinyl, asphalt, stucco, and sheet goods. Unfortunately, siding containing asbestos cannot be removed by GPA volunteers, but may still qualify for the $5,000 reward if asbestos is removed by others. See grant details and before and after photos.

GPA Enclosed Porch Re-Opening Grant

Structures located in the Elgin Historic District can qualify for $2000 For reopening an enclosed porch which is not original structure. See grant details.

GPA Paint Grant

The cost of paint, primer, color consultation, and or labor up to $3000 can be re reimbursed to properties within the Elgin Historic District that satisfy exterior Paint color and color placement guidelines as well as meet the requirements of the paint grant program. See grant details.

GPA Chain Link Fence Removal Grant

Chain link fences located in front yards or side yards within the algebraic district may qualify for a $1000 grant if the fences and posts are satisfactory removed and disposed of and made all the requirements of the grant. See grant details.

GPA House Plaque Grant Program

The Gifford Park Association will reimburse one half the cost of an Elgin Heritage Commission House plaque up to $100 for structures within the Elgin Historic District.  The cost may include both the City of Elgin plaque application fee and research services, if employed. Details, application, and research links here.

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