Enclosed Porch Re-Opening Grant

Because old house porches are exposed and vulnerable to the elements, many have required repairs and rebuilds over the past 100 years.  Often, these repairs were not done using replicated or matching parts.  In some cases, the entire porch was removed and rebuilt in the popular style of the day, with no attempt to restore the original design.  It also was a popular practice to enclose the porch with screens and/or storm windows.  The purpose of this grant is to provide an incentive to property owners to reopen porches that have been enclosed, and to further encourage restoration to the original design when the enclosure includes an altered porch style as well.

If the enclosed porch structure is built upon (or in front of) original porch posts, railings, and/or footprint, satisfactory removal of the enclosing materials will qualify for an outright $2,000 grant. You may qualify for another $2,000 from the GPA Architectural Restoration Grant. 

See if your project would qualify for a grant. Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

Applications are accepted year round. Once approved, you have one year to complete the work. Electronically submit completed applications to [email protected] or by mail to 155 S Gifford St, Elgin, IL 60120.

PO Box 928

Elgin, IL 60120

[email protected]

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