Progress Through Preservation

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Progress Through Preservation:

Renaissance of the Neighborhood


About This Booklet

This booklet was specially produced in 2011 for our 30th anniversary of the Housewalk. This displays what GPA has accomplished in our neighborhood in 30 years. It is quite impressive. GPA is proud of what we have accomplished in this time frame, and we encourage neighbors and new people to be a part of the next 30 years of improvements in our neighborhood. It is a lengthy article, so when you have time, please read through it:


Elgin began in 1835 when James T. Gifford staked a claim to 383 acres on the east side of the Fox River. The area now known as the Elgin Historic District was platted between 1842 and 1859, with some lots being further subdivided later. Before the Civil War, building was largely confined to the western end of the district in areas near downtown. The Elgin National Watch Company was founded in 1864. The company