Online Virtual Tour


Welcome to the Elgin Historic District virtual self-guided tour. As you progress through this tour you will find a truly unique neighborhood. Through the work of caring homeowners, the City of Elgin’s preservation ordinance, and the Gifford Park Homeowners Association, this neighborhood has been preserved and restored. The Elgin Historic District was formed in 1983, largely through the efforts of the Gifford Park Association, a leader in Elgin’s preservation movement. There are 667 structures in the Historic District, including churches, houses, flats and businesses.

Click here to view a before and after rehab slide show of houses in the Historic District.  We have come a long, long way!

Community Assets

As you progress through this virtual tour you will find a plethora of historical information and photographs about each home. Some have been restored to their former splendor while others are still in need of much attention. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Elgin Historic District is a true asset to the Elgin community. Enjoy the tour.