November 2001 Membership Meeting

GPA General Membership Meeting
Thursday, November 15, 2001

In Attendance: Deb and Joe Aguinaga, Jean and Paul Bednar, Mark and Pat Billings, Bill Briska, Angela and Rork Coon, Darren Daniels, Greg and Vanessa Darnedier, Paul Durenberger, Joe Kjellander, Dan and Pat Miller, Jason and Kari White Musser, Glenna and Mark Preradovic, and Dave and Pat Segel

Paul Bednar called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

September Minutes

Dan Miller made a motion to approve the September minutes. Jean Bednar seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Channing Park

Paul Bednar reported that a meeting has been set up between the school district, the Parks Department, and Paul Bednar for GPA, to discuss the future of Channing Park. The school district has contacted Paul and is seriously considering swapping or donating land from Channing Park to the City. The meeting will take place Tuesday, November 20th.

Vacant Lot at Geneva and Chicago Streets

Paul Bednar has talked to the owner of the vacant lot at Geneva and Chicago Streets, and the owner is willing to donate the land. The land is currently not buildable and has been in a poor state for several years. Arthur Allen, the attorney, is looking into the legalities of a land donation to an organization such as GPA. Paul commented that it is still uncertain as to whether or not GPA’s insurance will cover this. Also, the owner still has to contact his / her attorney regarding donating the property to GPA, which is a 501-C3 organization. If the donation is feasible for both parties, the plan would be to turn the property into a gateway park into the community. The City brought the property to GPA’s attention.   Dave Segel asked if GPA has looked into a 501-C4 status. Dan Miller replied that GPA has the paperwork and is working with the attorney Neal Pitcher to do this. Pat Segel commented that she is willing to do the paperwork, as she has done this is the past.

Slate of Officers for 2002

The following slate of officers was brought forth for approval.
President                      Dan Miller
Vice President              Mark Billings
Finance Director           Joe Becerra
Treasurer                      Fran Cella
Secretary                      Joe Kjellander
At Large                       Mike Kramer
Dan Miller made a motion to approve the slate as proposed. Angela Coon seconded the motion.

Caroling and Caring

Glenna Preradovic passed out a flier detailing the Christmas Caroling event.   This year the mayor will make a proclamation to declare the day Caroling for Caring. The event will be in honor of the many police and fire fighters that were impacted by the tragedies of September 11th. Donations of socks and underwear can be brought to the Caroling event, or to the GPA Christmas party.

Pioneer Memorial Dedication

Bill Briska asked if anyone had attended the Pioneer Memorial dedication, as he had heard that GPA was mentioned several times. Bill also mentioned that that same day the Historical Society held a meeting where Mike Alft gave an hour long speech during which GPA was complimented several times. Jean Bednar added that City Council has mentioned that GPA has attracted many out-of-towners to the area. Paul Bednar, for clarification, mentioned that GPA donated $1000 to the Pioneer Memorial, $1000 to the Circle of Time Documentary, $250 to Toys for Tots, and has also sponsored sports teams and such.

Home Marketing

Mark Billings reported that the First Universalist Church is now under contract. Mark would like people to let him know if there are any ideas for future home marketing promotions. Dan Miller suggested the house at the corner of Chicago and Liberty. Pat Miller commented that she recently saw an ad for the house on Park that is directly East of the funeral home. Pat recommended that Mark contact the owner, as the ad listed the home as a single family but the house has 5 mailboxes.

Goal Setting Session

Jean Bednar brought up the possibility of holding a goal setting session in January in conjunction with NENA. Jean has spoken with Keri Kelly of NENA, and their group is interested in spending money and having a formal speaker. To date, GPA has not been interested in doing the same. Keri Kelly, Steve Munson, and John Steffen have recently attended several seminars on board building, and are willing to share the learnings. Keri is also looking into speakers, as it might be possible to run the seminar in conjunction with other local seminars to help reduce the costs. One of the focuses of the seminars would be to try and bring new people into the neighborhood groups. Jean asked for opinions as to whether or not everyone is interested. Dan Miller replied that GPA couldn’t hardly say no. Dan also commented that he has been trying to arrange for John McKnight to speak to GPA. Jean then asked Mark Billings how much was spent on the neighborhood bus tour. Mark replied $400. Jean commented that maybe GPA could plan on spending the same for the seminars. Greg Darnedier stated that he works for a company in Chicago that works with non-profit organizations. Greg knows John McKnight and would recommend him in place of someone talking on just boards.   Jean replied that she would like to give Greg’s number to Keri Kelly. Dan Miller added that John McKnight talks about what assets the neighborhood has. This is something that GPA can benefit from, which is evident from the group just learning tonight that Greg can be a great asset in helping to organize a speaker for the goal setting seminar.


A motion to adjourn was made by Dan Miller at 7:50 PM. The motion was seconded by Glenna Preradovic, and passed unanimously.

Calendar of Events

January 5th, Saturday – Neighborfest, 1-4PM
January 17th, Thursday – General Membership Mtg., Gifford Street High School – 7PM
February 21st, Thursday – General Membership Mtg., Gifford Street High School – 7PM
March 21st, Thursday – General Membership Mtg., Gifford Street High School – 7PM