2017 Historic Elgin House Tour – Ticket Raffle

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Fill out the form to be entered into the raffle to win FREE Tickets for the Historic Elgin House Tour on September 9th and 10th! Sorry. This form is no longer available.

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February 2017 Minutes

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Gifford Park Association General Membership Meeting Minutes Thursday, February 16, 2017   In attendance:  Chris and Karen Bach, John and Carol Anderson, Kevin and Natalie Kearney, Don and Karen Spencer, Dan and Pat Miller, Warren Tejes, Barbara Evans, Paul and Susan Kuester, Parker Thompson, Paul Bednar, Caryl Clement, Jean Clement, Laura Almasan, Mark Preradovic, Robin Leabhart, Deborah Allan, Liz Marston, Officer Ramirez, Officer Brooke Risotto, Colby Basham, Colleen Jaltuch The meeting came to order with attendees introductions. President Dan Miller passed around an Elgin calendar of events. Rope Officer Report:  Officer Ramirez stated that since our last meeting there were 330 service calls.  This included 88 traffic stops, a burglary on Fulton, a juvenile in Gifford Park with a weapon which turned out to be a BB gun, three vendors soliciting sales in the neighborhood, and some problems with delivered packages being stolen from porches.  The Police Department also has several upcoming events including the Citizens Police Academy, and Senior Citizens Police Academy, a Teen Distracted Driver Course, Coffee with a Cop, and the Chief’s Monthly Meeting.  Go to the Police Department’s Facebook page or the Elgin Police web page for more information and to sign up. Dan introduced Colby Basham who talked about what he does as Elgin’s Citizen Services Director which includes 311.  Questions ensued about street lighting, plowing, and neighbor complaints.  Dan and Colby both encouraged everyone to download the Google or Apple app for Elgin 311 services.  It’s a great way to receive announcements and report problems. Colby then introduced Colleen Jaltuch who is a Senior Project Engineer at EEI (Engineering Enterprises, Inc.).  The city of Elgin outsources many city projects to EEI including the Chicago Street Reconstruction Project.  The project encompasses improvements to Chicago Street from Center Street to Liberty.  The project is still in its planning stages with actual work beginning in early 2018. Colleen says she has been working on the project for 2 years.  Plans include: Shared motorist/cyclist lanes on concrete pavement with parking on both sides of the street (odd/even parking as is done throughout the neighborhood). New curb, gutter and sidewalk. New traffic signals at Gifford and Channing. Existing decorative street lights would be reused. Colleen’s power point presentation included a diagram of the proposed roadway. Some of the concerns voiced were about the aesthetics of painted parking lines, as well as general parking problems involving people parking too close to corners, driveways and crosswalks.  Paul Bednar asked if the trees that will be lost could be replaced by 3 1/2” diameter trees instead of the more common 2 1/2” size. The proposed street improvements include: Existing combined sewer system will be separated. New storm sewer will be add with oversize pipes for detention. Existing sanitary sewer system will be lined and services repaired or  replaced as needed. Existing water main and services will be replaced. Colleen said that during construction temporary easements will be needed and they are working with IDOT for approval on traffic control.  There will be one lane open for east-bound traffic and west-bound traffic will be detoured.  Joe Evers ([email protected]) is the City Engineer who will be overseeing this project. When asked, Colleen could not say how long the project will take to complete but she thought it was not feasible to expect everything to be totally finished in 2018.  It may extend a bit into 2019. There were several comments and questions at the end of the presentation. Paul B. asked about the new sidewalks and if parkways would be established where none currently exist in front of a few churches and other...

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January 2017 Meeting minutes

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Gifford Park Assoc. General Membership Meeting Thursday, January 19, 2017 Elgin History Museum   IN ATTENDANCE  Paul and Sue Kuester, Moe Lee, Dan & Pat Miller, Mark Preradovic, Caryl Clement, JoAnne Clement, Jean Clement, Warren Tejes, Officer Lara, Officer Echevaria and Officer Ramirez  R.O.P.E. REPORT  (Officer Ramirez) Officer Ramirez mentioned that the new program to have patrol officers use body cameras is being finalized.  He introduced Officer Lara, who is our neighborhood’s beat officer. He has been with the Elgin Police Dept. for two years and is on duty from 2:30 to 10:30 p.m.  If you see a problem, call 911 and they will forward it to him if it is in our neighborhood. Since our last meeting in November, there have end 600 calls for service to the EPD.  Of those, 142 were officer-generated traffic stops.  One call of note in our neighborhood was on November 29th at 56 N. Channing.  A 56-year-old woman was battered, tazered and thrown in a closet.  The intruders took a PlayStation, watch and i-phone.  The victim did scratch the offender so perhaps DNA can be used to identify the offender. All crime stats can be found on the city’s web site here.     The Chief of Police made a video talking about the crime stats which can be viewed here Part I crimes are down by 3% from 2015, but there has been an increase in motor vehicle break-ins: from 271in 2015 to 317 in 2016. Officer Ramirez suggested that we make sure to lock our vehicles because 50% of the vehicle break ins were to unlocked cars.  He also suggested that we keep our GPS out of sight in the car and that purses not be left in them.  Don’t give anyone a reason to break in. The new ordinance regarding the homeless downtown has gone into effect. Three officers have been assigned to the area for a time to deal with the issues.  If a person causes problems downtown s/he will be banned from the area.  Of the 100 individuals in Elgin identified as homeless, only 15 cause problems, yet they drain our resources.  Officer Ramirez added that the city’s goal is to help the people get the resources they need to get off the street and shared a success story where a long-time homeless couple were found an apartment and the man was helped to get off of alcohol. Dan Miller praised Ramirez for solving the traffic jam that results at St. Mary’s when parents pick their kids up at 3:00.  He worked with St. Mary’s to get the parents to line up only in the westbound lane so the whole street is not blocked.  Teachers are on the street directing traffic and making sure everyone abides by the new rules. SECRETARY’S & TREASURER’S REPORTS The minutes of the November 2016 General Membership meeting were unanimously approved. Pat Miller reported that in CDs and checking we have $105,642.48.  She mentioned that two of our CDs had matured so she moved them to another bank with a considerably higher interest rate. The treasurer’s report was passed unanimously. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS  Historic District (Paul Bednar, 847-987-7526) Pat Miller showed several at the meeting the old picture of 105 N. Gifford which was the original home of D.C. Cook       More recently it was the Bowes retirement home as shown above.  Dan Miller informed the group that he has been in contact with the representative from the bank that foreclosed on the property a couple of years ago.  Several e-mails have been exchanged.  In a long recent phone conversation the banker...

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June 2016 Meeting minutes

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Click here to view the June 2016 Meeting minutes

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2016 Elgin Historic House Tour – Ticket Raffle

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Fill out the form to be entered into the raffle to win FREE Housewalk Tickets! Sorry. This form is no longer available.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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